What To Expect From Volume 3 Of ‘The Guardians of The Galaxy’!

The Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 3 is coming out soon! Let’s check out what to expect from the final installment of the franchise.

The Guardians of The Galaxy series has been really well received so far. The first movie has a 92% in both audience and Rotten Tomatoes scores. It is safe to say the first movie crushed it. Then the second movie followed with a slight decrease in reception, according to Rotten Tomatoes, but it certainly did not disappoint. Volume 2 received 87% on the audience score and 85% on Rotten Tomatoes. Now we are looking to laugh and cry on a crazy journey through the cosmos once again, with Volume 3 coming out May 5, 2023. So let’s reflect on the journey so far, and look ahead to what is yet to come….

The Journey So Far

The Guardians initially met when Gamora, Quil, Groot, and Rocket were captured by the Nova Corp officers on Xandar (the capital of the Nova Empire). They were locked in the Kyln prison, where they met Drax and eventually escaped. The Guardians later went on to fight Ronan, a radical Kree warlord who was associated with Thanos. Ronan wanted to use the power stone to conquer the galaxy. Here we see the first glimpse of the group going from self-seeking misfits to The Guardians of The Galaxy.

After they defeat Ronan, we see the Guardians travel the cosmos defeating threats for hire. They later crash land on a mysterious planet after escaping a fleet of ships with the help of a mysterious figure. The figure ends up being Ego, who is Quil’s estranged father. Ego tries to use Quil as a battery for his conquest of the cosmos. The Guardians destroy Ego and flee the planet.

They eventually rescue Thor when they find him drifting through the galaxy. They befriend Thor and work with him to capture the reality stone. The Guardians fight in multiple battles against Thanos and his constituents and eventually help The Avengers and others defeat him.

What’s Next

Okay, that was our brief summary now; what’s next? In the trailer, we see glimpses of what seems to be Rocket in a cage before he was the Rocket we know now. We will finally get a glimpse of Rocket’s background, how he became the extremely intelligent rodent, and the loveable, sensitive animal who touched our hearts in the second movie. There is also skepticism about the otter that Rocket hugs in the trailer. Fans believe it to be his love interest Lylla from the comic books. Lylla and Rocket were experimented on and created in the same facility.

We are also going to meet Adam Warlock, who will be played by Will Poulter. Adam Warlock, known as “him,” first appeared during the credit scenes after the second movie in the Guardians series. We met The Sovereign, who created Adam Warlock during the second movie. The Sovereigns were pursuing the Guardians in order to seek revenge for Rocket stealing some batteries from them. The Sovereign leader Ayesha was seen in the credit scene of volume two sitting in front of the birthing pod of Adam Warlock, saying, “That is the next step in our evolution, more powerful, more beautiful, more capable of destroying The Guardians of the Galaxy..” We could see Adam Warlock be a big and extremely powerful adversary for The Guardians. Adam Warlock has superhuman strength, stamina, endurance, and cosmic awareness. With the Soul Gem, he can manipulate and sense souls, as well as place them in the soul world. He experiences multiple rebirths, and through the rebirth, he evolves. When he is born again, his powers evolve with him.


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The other potential villain seen in volume 3 is The High Evolutionary, played by Chukwudi Lwuji. The High Evolutionary takes life forms he considers inferior and experiments on them to make them more advanced. The High Evolutionary helps Adam Warlock evolve in the comics and obtain the soul stone. The High Evolutionary could also relate to Rocket’s origin story.

The High Evolutionary created the Counter Earth, which is a replica version of earth populated by New Men. The New Men are a mix of animal and human, they are a result of The High Evolutionaries experiments.

The third addition to the series will also be the final for director James Gunn. Gunn was fired initially for inappropriate tweets he made ten years ago. The fans fought for Gunn’s return to direct volume 3 and were successful, but regardless this will be his last dance with the MCU. Gunn will move on to spearhead the production of the DC universe. Volume 3 will eventually be streaming on Disney+ after its initial release to theaters on May 5, 2023.


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