What Thanksgiving Dish Would The House Wives of Beverly Hills Bring?

Without all the parts there is no Thanksgiving dinner. Here’s a look at what we think each Housewife would bring if they had a dinner party.

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Posted On: November 25th, 2021 5:00 pm pst

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Thanksgiving Dinner

Credit: Bravo

Garcelle Beauvais -Turkey

For this year’s Thanksgiving, it seems fitting to give the trust of cooking the turkey to the amazing Garcelle herself. She is a super independent and powerful lady who could definitely roast a whole turkey on her own and make it look easy.

Kyle Richards – Butternut Squash Soup

Kyle has always given off a warm motherly and caring friend which is why it would be a perfect fit if she brought butternut squash soup. This soup would symbolize the warmth she brings to the group as well as bringing a healthy option on Thanksgiving.

Sutton Stracke -Green Bean Casserole

We got to have Sutton bring a little southern flair to Thanksgiving and that’s why she would probably bring the best Green Bean Casserole to dinner. We all love Sutton’s southern background and personality so why not bring that to dinner and let everyone in on a delicious dish with a southern twist?

Crystal Kung Minkoff – Cornbread and Mashed Potatoes

Crystal most likely planned what she was making weeks ago since she loves her scheduling process. Since it’s Crystal, she would want to not only bring one but two dishes to Thanksgiving dinner since she is such a planner. Cornbread and Mashed Potatoes are two staple dishes for Thanksgiving and of course, she would bring the best versions of both.

Kathy Hilton – Ratatouille

Everyone knows Kathy is a super sophisticated but fun and carefree lady and so, a dish that she might best represent her is Ratatouille. It is a pretty and sophisticated dish that both looks amazing and tastes amazing. It would definitely be a crowd-pleaser and be on everyone’s Instagram stories.

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Lisa Rinna – Pecan and Pumpkin Pie

Every Thanksgiving dinner needs pie to end off the day and Lisa would definitely bring the best pie there is. Lisa is a super determined woman and works hard when she has to put effort into something. So, in the case of pie making, she not only made one but two pies and would be baked to perfection.

Dorit – Holiday Veggie Roast

Dorit and the other ladies have always been known to be healthy eaters and so this year’s Thanksgiving, she would most likely bring a holiday veggie roast but make it look spectacular and delicious. It would not only taste good but it would also look super photo-ready and postable as well!

Erika – Mac and Cheese

We all know and love how Erika will not allow others to starve and eat only healthy foods on Thanksgiving so she would be the one to bring mac and cheese to dinner and would definitely be the first thing gone on the table. Like Erika, this mac and cheese is most definitely one of the more popular dishes of the night.

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