What Fans Hope to See in the Rest of ‘Ahsoka’ Season 1!

The hype train for Star Wars is still going strong, with almost half the season of Ahsoka over. With eight episodes in total, what are most Star Wars fans hoping to see in this new show from a galaxy far, far away?


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Since back in 1977 Star Wars has become a titan of pop culture. Now 45 years and a lot of severed limbs later we finally have the new Ahsoka show and fans are loving it! Here is what the fans are most hoping to see in the remaining episodes!

Jacen Syndulla Becoming a Jedi Like His Father

With Star Wars Rebels character Jacen Syndula making his live-action debut in episode 3 of Ahsoka, fans are hoping that he becomes a Jedi like his father, Kanan who heroically sacrificed himself in Star Wars Rebels towards the end of the show. If he does show enough potential with the Force maybe we can even see him in Luke Skywalker’s new Jedi Order.


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More of Luke’s New Jedi Order

After the sequel series conclusion, some fans were left disappointed after seeing so little of Luke’s new Jedi Order in theaters. Now years later, we have seen more glimpses through tie-in comics and in the order in its infancy in Star Wars: The Mandalorian but what does the order look like during the events of Ahsoka? Hopefully, with 5 episodes left, Ahsoka can give us some insight into what this new Jedi Order is like.

The Origins of Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati

After an amazing two-episode premiere, myself and most fans were left wondering: Who the heck were those guys? After Baylan’s and Shin’s attack on the New Republic ship in the first episode and (spoiler alert) Shin’s near-fatal stabbing of Sabine Wren fans quickly realized that whoever these dark side users are they are not to be messed with.

The Presence of Clan Wren

Seen in Rebels, Clan Wren was a clan of Mandalorian warriors who most notably sided against the Empire-backed Clan Saxon in the Mandalorian Civil War and pledged allegiance to Bo-Katan due to her having the Darksaber which gave her the right to rule Mandalore. Perhaps, now with the clan’s own Sabine Wren fighting what’s left of the Empire, we can see an assist coming from her family and clan.

The Daughter

Hailing from the planet Mortis in the Clone Wars, The Daughter was the embodiment of the light side of the Force while her brother, The Son was the embodiment of the dark side of the Force. Though kept in balance by The Father for years and years The Father realizes that with his old age and shrinking power, he must soon be replaced by someone who can keep the dark and light side in balance as he did. After some chaos caused by The Son, The Daughter eventually dies however not before reviving Ahsoka who at this point was only a padawan. Now with the energy of The Daughter within her, who knows what kind of abilities Ahsoka has? Hopefully, we get an answer to that question in upcoming episodes.

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