What Fans Expect to See in ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’!

The popular animated television show is coming to Netflix as a live-action series in 2024. Here is what fans want to see from the upcoming series!

The animated series was a hit with critics and fans, it became the highest-rated animated television series in its demographic at its premiere. It was adapted into a live-action movie that premiered in 2010, but it was not well received by fans because they said it didn’t stay true to the animated series. The trailer for the new series dropped on November 9th and it looks promising! Here is what fans hope to see in the show!


Many fans did not like the 2010 live-action because it was not authentic enough. Fans hope to see all the main characters in similar costumes to the ones they had in the animated series. By the looks of the trailer, the characters Iroh, Zuko, Ozai, and Azul have the same outfits as their animated counterparts. Additionally, the set design that we saw from leaked pictures and the trailer is close to how the setting looked in the original series. Fans hope to see more similarities when the series comes out!

Mythology and Elemental Action

Fans want the live-action remake to transport us to the world of Avatar which is best through the use of mythology and lore. The past Avatars have protected the world for centuries and are essentially a bridge between the mortal realm and the spirit realms. This brings in a ton of mythology that can bring a sense of wonder when exploring this world.

The Same Intro

Fans hope the intro is the same because hearing “Everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked” is iconic and will draw viewers into this story. For fans of the original series, it will bring back nostalgia if the intro stays the same even if it’s a different voice saying it.

The Cabbage Merchant

Fans love the character, the Cabbage Merchant in the original series because it’s a running gag that his cabbage cart always gets destroyed when he encounters Aang and his friends. The voice actor, James Sie is willing to come back to play his live-action counterpart which is very exciting. Fans can’t wait to see what other Easter eggs may appear in the show!

The Whole Story

Fans want the live-action series to take its time when explaining the whole story, to set up the world we are entering, and for the new fans to get into the complex setting. It seems like fans are going to get this because the first season is expected to cover all of Book One: Water. Then if the show is a success it could extend to four or five seasons which is beyond the number of seasons that the original series had.

Be sure to catch Avatar: The Last Airbender on February 22, 2024, only on Netflix!

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