What Fans Are Saying About Olivia Rodrigo’s Upcoming Song ‘Vampire’!

Olivia Rodrigo is back! Here’s everything we know about the singer’s first song since her 2021 critically-acclaimed debut album Sour and what fans are saying about it!

In what will be Olivia Rodrigo’s first release since her debut chart-topping album Sour, the “Driver’s License” singer recently announced that her new song “Vampire” will be out on June 30. Rodrigo shared the news on her social media, which sent fans into a frenzy – specifically dissecting the cover and coming up with theories of what the song could be about. Since then, Rodrigo has been teasing fans with what they suspect are previews of the highly-anticipated song. Let’s take a look at some of the best theories surrounding “Vampire” and what Rodrigo herself has shared about it!

What We Know So Far:

The Sour Hotline

Fans recently pointed out that Rodrigo has been hinting at the new song for a while after updating her Sour Heartbreak Hotline on June 7. The hotline originates back to 2021 before the release of her first album where she used it in a similar way to give fans a teaser of her songs. When fans dialed the line before the announcement on June 13, they received a voicemail that said “Hey, you’ve reached Olivia. I suck at voicemail, but leave me a text, I’ll get back to you by June 30. Mwah! Bye!” Fans think she could have been hinting at the title all along with the use of the word “suck” in her voicemail because as we know, vampires suck blood, as well as her mentioning the release date. More recently it was updated on June 20 with what fans think could be a preview of the song, seen in the clip above or dialed at 323-622-SOUR (7687).

Song Lyrics?


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Rodrigo took to her Instagram on June 20 to share a cryptic post that reads “How do you lie” repeated 3 times accompanied by a vampire emoji in the caption. This further added to the speculation surrounding the song, with comments full of fans saying these could be lyrics from it.

Relation to Twilight

Fans are pointing out that June 30 may not be just any date. Rodrigo has previously admitted to being a long-time fan of the Twilight movies. Eclipse, the third film of the series was released on June 30, 2010, leading fans to believe the release date may not be a coincidence. Taylor Lautner, who played Jacob in the films, commented on her Instagram post announcing the song, saying “K WHO TF BIT YOU”, which sent fans on social media wild. While Lautner may have just been making a lighthearted comment, fans are hoping he could potentially have a cameo in the song’s music video. It has also been theorized that the song might make reference to the Twilight movies in its lyrics.

The Cover Art


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In her June 13 announcement, Rodrigo posted the cover art that goes along with it. The black and white photo displays the “Deja Vu” singer’s side profile with two purple bandages on her neck. Why is this significant? If fans recall, the album art for Rodrigo’s first album was purple. Fans believe that the purple bandaids represent the “shedding” of her Sour Era and transition into her new one. The use of two bandages could also be significant given the fact that her sophomore album is coming. Color seems to be a widely-discussed aspect amongst fans, with some thinking red could be the color of her new album/era. This idea comes from the vinyl Rodrigo released for “Vampire”, which is red – thought to symbolize blood, which vampires drink, as well as eagle-eyed fans noticing a red theme on her Instagram recently.

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