What ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Fans Want to See for Season 9’s Last Episodes!

Season 9 of Bachelor in Paradise has taken many unexpected and shocking twists and turns. As the series comes to an end, fans have a clearer idea of the desired outcome for the contestants. Let’s see what fans hope or expect to see in the last episodes. 

While fans lost a week of paradise due to Thanksgiving, episode nine of Bachelor in Paradise will air on Thursday, November 30. Episode eight was full of tension and surprises after an appearance from an ex-fiancé and a “roast ceremony” that left third-degree burns. The couples we thought were safe entered uncharted waters. Let’s take a look at which contestants fans are rooting for and against as the season comes to an end.

Will Jess and Blake Work Out?

Fans are eager to discover if Jess Girod and Blake Moynes’ relationship will survive after last episode’s cliffhanger. Blake and Jess were on a high but landed in rocky territory when Blake’s ex-fiancé, Katie Thurston, came to the beach. His old feelings surfaced for his ex, admitting to Jess moments before the rose ceremony that his past love for Katie is stronger than his love for her. All of Bachelor Nation felt that dagger in Jess’ heart.

However, their relationship always felt shaky, especially after Jess’s temporary split with Blake, her secret kiss with Tyler, and Blake’s date with Genevie Mayo. While he sometimes compliments Jess’ outfits, fans are hesitant about an authentic connection. The trailer for the next episode showcases Jess crying and someone potentially leaving paradise.

Rachel Finding Her Soulmate – Jordan vs. Tanner

It is no secret that Bachelor Nation is invested in Rachel Recchia’s romantic life. They have known her since her debut on season 26 of The Bachelor and season 19 of The Bachelorette with Gabby Windey. Rachel’s journey in paradise has not been too relaxing. Each of her relationships has ended in heartbreak and betrayal, from Sean McLaughlin (a.k.a Ken) to Brayden (a.k.a Earrings).
Tanner Christian unexpectedly handed Rachel a rose during the last ceremony, which she mistook as a “friendship” rose. Tanner failed to advance upon his move, leading Rachel to go on a date with Jordan – a contestant she sent home during her season as a co-bachelorette with Gabby. Fans fell in love with Jordan after their intimate yoga date on the beach. The two kissed in the water…which was interrupted by a crashing wave. However, their connection was not wrecked.

Tanner later approached Rachel to talk about his true intentions. She admitted wanting “to try” with him, but her feelings were altered after he insulted her at the roast. He joked that the male contestants wished Gabby was the bachelorette in paradise instead of her. Rachel took offense and was last seen crying, evidently hurt and confused.

While many fans began rooting against Tanner, some still defended his actions. However, viewers are more vocal about their approval of Jordan. In the end, Bachelor Nation only wants what’s best for Rachel.

Justice for Olivia = Michael

Olivia Lewis has been played by both male and female contestants – from Kylee, Will, and Aven to Kat and John Henry. Other contestants even began feeling sorry for the bachelorette. But when all hope was lost, Michael Barbour came floating down the steps to paradise. Others immediately looked to Olivia, hoping Michael would be the answer to her prayers. Even though she forgot his name at first, she declared the day she met him her last as a single woman. The two have fun personalities and enjoyed their romantic date dancing around a fire in the drum circle. While Olivia expressed her immediate connection and attraction toward him, she kept her guard up to protect herself from another instance of heartbreak.

Exposing Tyler and Jess’ Secret Kiss

During Jess and Blake’s mini hiatus, Jess and Tyler Norris shared a secret kiss in the sixth episode of the season. While both returned to their respective partners shortly after, we are unsure if they shared that kiss with anyone else besides the cameras. Tyler was still with Mercedes Northup and never followed up on his feelings toward Jess. Fans feel Blake and Mercedes deserve to know about their partners’ secret kiss. Mercedes had already begun doubting her connection with Tyler after the “Paradise Truth Box” revealed that Tyler was “not that interested in Mercedes.” Perhaps unveiling the kiss will guide Mercedes’ choices moving forward.

Is Kylee The One With A Ring?

We have yet to discover which paradise couple got engaged over the summer. Many fans anticipate Aven Jones proposal to Kylee Russel. The two have been the most consistent couple throughout the entire season. In the last episode, the two were even discussing baby names. They have been together since the second episode and established an exclusive relationship. Bachelor Nation is even bored by the stability of their relationship. They seem to be the ones comforting others after heartbreak or giving advice.

Even though fans have anticipated outcomes for certain contestants, a lot can change in two episodes. Solid couples like Eliza Isichei and Aaron Bryant, Kat Izzo and John Henry, Peter Cappio and Sam Picco, and even Kylee and Aven can make a complete 360 because, after all, anything can happen in paradise. We’ll have to wait and see if fans will be satisfied after the 3-hour season finale airing on Thursday, December 7.

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