Vince Russo Sits Down With X-Pac – AfterBuzz TV’s X-Pac 12360 Ep. #29

Vince Russo joins X-Pac and his crew for a brand new episode of X-Pac 12360!

X-Pac talks to Vince Russo about a rejected DX vs Nation of Domination segment, thoughts on the current WWE product, the state of Impact Wrestling and more on today’s X-Pac 12360.

About The Show: Sean “X-Pac” Waltman, and Co-founder of AfterBuzz TV Keven Undergaro are teaming up together to bring a podcast with a full circle look at life from outside the squared circle. PodcastOne presents X-Pac 12360. X-Pac has many stories to tell that may help listeners relate, inspire them in their own lives, or just be entertained. And of course, there will be guests. So plan on seeing his group of usual suspects along with a mix of wrestlers, celebrities, and comedians. X-Pac has known and shared many road trips, locker rooms, and life moments with these guests. Where these conversations will go? No one knows, but we do know they will be entertaining.

With X-Pac, guests are just friends hanging out having a chat about old times and new frontiers. Listening to these conversations will make you feel like you are a fly on the locker room, green room, or bar wall.

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