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After 4 long weeks of gameplay, here are the updated rankings of the houseguests as we head into the final week before the jury.


Frenchie was the first HOH of the summer which, typically, would have set him up for a good position for at least the first few weeks. But Frenchie had different plans. His chaotic first week (which was even more chaotic if you watched the feeds) was filled with Frenchie making deals with the entire house. He had one target going into the game and that was the “meatheads”. He wanted to target Christian for the week, but as is Big Brother, Christian won the wildcard competition and secured himself safety. By this point though, Frenchie had promised safety to every person in the house, meaning he would get unneeded blood on his hands in less than 36 hours. With multiple final 2 deals, a majority alliance with the Slaughterhouse, and an all-girl alliance with French Kisses, Frenchie was messy and everyone caught on. It was one of the most chaotic week ones in the show’s history. It was almost certain that he would go home the following week if anyone but the Jokers won HOH. And he did. In a near-unanimous vote.


The only reason Travis isn’t 16th is because of Frenchie’s flameout. But, first boot Travis really has no defining qualities. He was backdoored week 1 and spent most of his time campaigning to Frenchie to get him to break the tie if there was one. Which, if you know anything about math, was impossible. Travis thought he was a big threat when he had won no competitions and had a social game that consisted of Derek X. And that didn’t even help as Derek X used the veto that ensured Travis went home.


Brent is one of the most egotistical people I have ever seen. He never won a competition and was sure that everyone in the house loved him and viewed him as a massive threat when everyone hated him and knew he was on the bottom of the house totem pole. In Big Brother, how you appear to others can make or break you in the game. But Brent was not self-aware enough to pick up on the fact that his fellow houseguests hated him. This is a shame because, if he toned down the ego and started to play more as a team player, he could’ve avoided the block.


While Britini is still in the house and not going to be the fourth boot of the season, it’s clear that she is going to be the perpetual pawn of the season. Half of the season she has spent as a final nominee. She has stayed both times but the ease at which she has been pawned shows how expendable she is. Additionally, she is on the outside of the house. She isn’t in the Royal Flush or the Cookout, the two strong majority alliances of the season. While the Jokers are in a bad spot as the only team not represented in the Royal Flush, Azah and Derek F at least have the Cookout on their side. Britini might be able to survive the block a few more times, but eventually, she will be against someone much higher on the totem pole and she’ll be evicted.


Whitney is most likely going home this week. She is not in the Royal Flush or the Cookout and her fellow teammate Derek X is much closer to Hannah than he is to her. She is on the outside of the house, hasn’t performed the best in competitions, and doesn’t even have the support of her team.

Sarah Beth

While Sarah Beth is in the Royal Flush and has shown she can win competitions with her Wild Card win, her position is rapidly falling. She is on the bottom of the Royal Flush alliance and the Kings team. Her push to get Hannah out this week has also burned some bridges. She is right in that Hannah is more dangerous and in a better position than Whitney, but the fact that no one on her team or her alliance will listen to her should show her that she is at the bottom. And if she’s at the bottom now, it’s unlikely that she can change her position. Especially after trying to get Kyland and Xavier to flip with her on Hannah when they are both aligned with her. She is not in a good position in the house yet she still says she will throw the upcoming HOH. If a member of the Kings doesn’t win HOH next week, she likely will hit the block.


Azah does have the support of the Cookout, but she is still on the outside of the house. Because she’s a part of the Jokers, if someone not in the Cookout wins HOH, she could find herself on the block as either a pawn or the target.

Derek F

Derek is in a similar position to Azah. They’re both in the Cookout alliance so they’re covered on that end. But Derek F may be able to hold out a little bit longer. Azah has shown that she plays emotionally. She volunteered as a pawn when her ally Xavier was HOH and has called out both Derek X and Tiffany for going after Britini. This just isn’t something we’ve really seen from Derek F.


Hannah will most likely survive the block this week. Despite Sarah Beth’s attempts to flip the vote and paint Hannah as a target, she has the Cookout and Derek X riding for her. She is smart and has a lot of power with her mist, like being able to get the target off her back this week. She is playing the sweet floater girl role really well and even though Sarah Beth is catching on, Hannah will most likely be able to sustain this underestimate of her as more people are willing to take her side than Sarah Beth’s.


Being in a showmance can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it’s someone who will most likely be 100% on her side. And as far as we’ve seen, Alyssa can really control Christian. With comp beast Christian on her side and the Royal Flush alliance, Alyssa has set herself up pretty well. However, being in a showmance also adds a target on her back. While no one is looking at the pair for the next few weeks, that could change any minute. Especially if someone like Azah gets into power, who has sworn to go after the showmances.


Claire is safe until the jury because of her wildcard competition win. She also has the Royal Flush alliance and a really strong bond with the Queens. If she can stay on their good sides and lay low for a while, she’ll make it far. Plus, she’s not bad at comps, having won 2 already. It’s likely that she could get some more power later on and start to make some big game moves for her resume.


Christian is THE comp beast of the season. He has 4 competitions so far and will most likely earn more as the season progresses. He’s high on the totem pole within the Kings, has his showmance with Alyssa (who is looking to be a strategic threat and the brains behind their duo), and is in the Royal Flush alliance. Despite his comp wins and his showmance, he, like Alyssa, isn’t looking to be a target for at least a few more weeks. But the only reason he is higher than Alyssa is that if it comes down to it, Christian could absolutely comp beast his way to the end.


Kyland is set up pretty well. He has the Cookout and the Royal Flush and was the HOH who got out Frenchie, so the house opinion of him is pretty good. He also has a final 2 with Sarah Beth which, while she may not stick around much longer, is still a good number for him to have as she is still really smart. He’s a positive light in the house and a lot of the houseguests like him. As long as he lays low he’ll most likely stick around for a while.

Derek X

Derek X is probably the comp beast next to Christian. He’s won 2 vetos so far and was extremely close to beating Christian in this week’s veto. What he has over Christian though is strategy. He’s shown a lot more strategic and social ability whereas Christian’s only strength is his brawn. Derek X has the alliance with the Queens as well as the Royal Flush. He’s well connected and with his comp wins, he’ll probably stay near the top of the totem pole for a while.


Tiffany is very smart. She has the Cookout and the Royal Flush alliance and is probably the most connected person in the house. As long as she doesn’t win an HOH soon or start to blow up, she should be set up for a while. She’s smart and social and even without HOHs can probably convince a lot of people to do the work for her.


Xavier has placed himself in a great spot right now. He won an HOH so we already know he can win competitions. And his HOH really well because he got out the house’s target, meaning almost no one is mad at him and he got almost no blood on his hands. He’s quiet, not really on anyone’s radar, in both majority alliances, and really smart. At this point, I’m not expecting him to be evicted until at the earliest final 6 or final 5.

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