Underrated Freeform Shows You Must Watch!

Anyone who watches Freeform knows how addicting their shows are, but a lot of them get overlooked and don’t receive the hype they deserve. Here are some of Freeform’s most underrated shows that will get you hooked!

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Freeform, previously known as ABC Family, continues to produce well-written shows that are rarely talked about in the entertainment world. With a wide range of dramas and comedies, Freeform can do it all, yet does not get raved about the way other television channels do. So if you’re looking for something new, here are a few of Freeform’s best shows that don’t get talked about enough!

Baby Daddy

If you like to laugh, this is for sure the show for you! Baby Daddy follows Ben Wheeler, a young, immature bartender who is suddenly forced to become a parent when his ex-girlfriend leaves his baby girl at his doorstep. Ben’s family and friends come together to help him raise his child and it’s quite the circus act. Watching a group of young adults just starting out in life try to raise a child makes for some great laughs that will have you on the floor! Although the plot revolves around Ben, his mother Bonnie is the true comedian of the show. Her sarcastic comebacks and dramatic personality will certainly make anyone laugh! If you’re looking for a fun, mindless show to watch that will put a smile on your face, Baby Daddy is the perfect show for you! You can watch the entire series on Hulu.


Make It or Break It

Make It or Break It focuses on a group of teen girls who dedicate their lives to gymnastics to reach their ultimate goal of going to the Olympics. This show thrives off drama between the girls with typical teenager problems, on top of the added stress of training to be a pro-athlete. Both in and out of the gym, the girls face countless obstacles that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Every episode has new issues that arise with not only the girls, but parent drama too. Between the parents and the girls, there’s enough drama to get you addicted! You can watch the whole series on Hulu.

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Young and Hungry

Hannah Montana star, Emily Osment, plays the role of Gabi Diamond, the main character of this show. This sitcom revolves around Gabi and her roommate Sofia as they are both struggling to make a living in San Francisco. Things start to look up for Gabby when a rich tech entrepreneur named Josh decides to hire her as his personal chef. Her first trial dinner for Josh does not go as planned and she ends up having a one-night stand with her new boss. This complication alone sparks drama that continues for the entirety of the show. The dynamic between all the characters with their witty insults back and forth will have you laughing constantly! You can watch the series on Netflix.


Famous in Love

Famous in Love has to be the most underrated Freeform show on this entire list which is odd because of how intriguing it is in comparison to a lot of other dramas. The plot of the show is about a girl named Paige Townsen who is studying business in college but secretly desires to be an actress in Hollywood. When her roommate drags her to a movie audition for fun, to everyone’s surprise, Paige lands the role over everyone who auditioned. Her life now gets turned upside down and she must navigate through this new life that presents brand new obstacles. New friendships and love interests mixed in with the old calls for some crazy plot twists that you’d never expect. The drama in this show is unmatched and constantly has you wanting more! You can watch the entire series on Freeform itself.


Melissa & Joey

Well-known actors, Joey Lawrence and Melissa Joan Hart, star in this hilarious sitcom that will never fail to make you smile. Melissa is suddenly forced to be in charge of her niece and nephew, so she decides to hire Joey as their nanny. This new dysfunctional family has to figure out how to work together while each character deals with their own issues. Melissa and Joey are incredibly funny together considering they are both extremely lost when it comes to taking care of teens. Watching them struggle to get into a routine along with the witty bickering back and forth will always have you laughing! You can watch the entire series on Hulu.


All of Freeform’s shows are definitely worth a watch, but these specifically tend to get overlooked but are really just hidden gems so give them a try!

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