Twitter Reacts to Sabrina Carpenter’s, ‘Emails I can’t Send’!

Fans have been going crazy on Twitter lately over the release of Sabrina Carpenter’s latest album, Emails I Can’t Send! Here are some of their reactions. 

Emails I Can’t Send has been giving fans all the feels recently, and the streaming of the new album has been constant. The fan-made memes have been nothing short of hilarious as well!

Fans have been calling this album a masterpiece and some of her best work yet, saying she outdid herself and I’d have to agree!

Every song on the album is different from the last, from the lyrics to the melody; most of them are extremely catchy as well which is obviously an added bonus.

As if that wasn’t enough, some fans have called this album the best album of the year. So many Sabrina fans have been waiting on new music and have finally got it! Some have found their go-to song for the summer while others have found their favorite songs for the remainder of the year.

Although some songs on the album are incredibly catchy, the lyrics are really sad. In some, she addresses online haters, her ex, and even her dad as well as some of the most heartbreaking moments she has experienced in the past couple of years.

The album has already quickly become Sabrina’s highest charting album as it made Billboard 200 within a week of its debut with 18,000 copies sold. The album is now in the top 50 of albums out right now, currently holding spot 23; making it the biggest opening week thus far in Carpenter’s career.

We can’t wait to see what’s to come of Sabrina Carpenter!

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