Twitter Reactions to ‘DC League of Super-Pets’!

After 5 months since the release of DC’s latest film, The Batman, DC League of Super-Pets is finally here! See what fans are saying about it!

DC League of Super-Pets was originally scheduled to have a theatrical release on May 20th, but like many other DC movies, it got pushed back. After waiting an extra two months to see the film, the responses are in and it was worth the wait! Check out these Twitter reactions to see why fans are loving it!

The film is packed with humor and may even have you tearing up in the theaters. You are sure to be laughing your way through!

For some viewers, the success of the film came as a genuine surprise! As voiced here, the film is packed with emotion, more than people were expecting. Moreover, Natasha Lyonne as Merton McSnurtle is a reason alone to get to the theaters to watch the film.

At AMC theaters, fans who went to see the film got these mini comic books with the pets!

The animated film, for a few viewers, is now their favorite DC film! Can’t blame them!

An important note from many viewers was to stay until the end for two post-credit scenes. You will regret not waiting to see what could be in store for the future of the Super-Pets!!

Overall, the film has received a positive response. It is great to see a DC Animated movie have a theatrical release compared to a direct HBO MAX release. Because who doesn’t love seeing it on the big screen? Get to theaters if you haven’t already!

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