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AFTERBUZZ TV – True Blood edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of HBO’s True Blood. In this show, host Sara Stretton breaks down the “Spellbound” episode in which Jessica meets the sun, only to be rescued by Jason. Believing he can settle the feud with the witches and get rid of the spells, Bill calls Marnie/Antonia with a proposition. In an effort to heal Eric, Sookie lets him feed off of her. In return he lets her drink some of his blood. They have sex many times over in a V-induced hallucination. Sookie and Eric are determined to help the King battle the witches. Meanwhile, Lafayette is possessed by the spirit of Mavis who has been singing to Mikey, and is revealed to be the spirit responsible for Arlene and Terry’s problems. We learn that, in life, her married lover killed their child and then killed her. Lafayette, possessed by Mavis’ spirit, kidnaps Mikey and takes the doll. Marcus is revealed as the father of Luna’s daughter; he threatens Sam when he finds him at Luna’s house. Jessica breaks up with Hoyt, who angrily rescinds her invitation to the house. She goes to visit Jason, who also rejects her and banishes her from his house. Elsewhere, Tommy, skinwalking as Maxine Fortenberry, meets with a businessman to steal her land’s natural gas rights. At the climax, Bill and Marnie and their supporters meet at the Bon Temps graveyard at midnight on a truce. Bill proposes that Marnie reverse the spells cast on Eric and Pam and leave the vampires alone and, in return, the vampires won’t harm her again. The standoff turns violent when Sookie senses that Marnie is casting a spell on Bill, and Eric kills a member of Marnie’s coven. Marnie envelops the area in heavy fog and the battle begins in earnest. Sookie is injured by a stray bullet to her chest, but Alcide rescues her. Debbie is watching them, having followed Alcide at a distance in wolf form. Eric runs into Marnie, who appears to cast another spell on him. There to help Sara is co-host Erin La Rosa. It’s True Blood’s “Spellbound” podcast!

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