True Blood S:4 | Soul of Fire E:11 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – True Blood edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of HBO’s True Blood. In this show, host Mari Kanellis breaks down the “Soul of Fire” episode in which, trapped inside the Moon Goddess Emporium, Sookie and her friends are held captive by Marnie; Marnie kills Casey, maintaining she was attacking her. Antonia attempts to leave Marnie’s body, but Marnie binds her to her with a spell. Bill and the other vampires abort their attack on the Moon Goddess Emporium when they discover Sookie is inside as a captive. Marnie strikes a deal with the vampires to free Sookie: their lives for hers. Bill and Eric are on the point of killing each other for Sookie’s release when Pam fires a rocket at Marnie which is blocked by the barrier. Jason is severely injured, but Jessica gives him her blood again to heal him. As Marnie and her coven begin casting a spell to prevent their deaths, it controls the vampires outside: they begin walking into the barrier, which would bring the True Death, but the spell is broken by Sookie discharging her special powers. Jesus and Lafayette harness the energy in Casey’s dead body to give Jesus enough power to cast a spell which successfully breaks the bond between Marnie and Antonia. Bill and Eric rush inside the Emporium and kill Roy and Marnie. Meanwhile, Sam and Alcide track down Marcus and Emma at Alcide’s home, where Marcus is attempting to seduce Debbie. In the fighting that follows, Alcide kills Marcus. Alcide ends his relationship with Debbie. Also, Andy has a romantic interlude with a fairy named Maurella on his way home. As Lafayette begins to fall asleep that night, Marnie’s spirit possesses his body. There to help Maria are co-hosts Sara Stretton and Heather Basra. It’s True Blood’s “Soul of Fire” podcast!

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