Trinity Gets Naked – S1 E23 ‘Sistas’ Review & Recap

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What do you get when you put a group of powerful single ladies together in a room? You get Tyler Perry’s Sistas! If you want all the single life tea, join us each week for THE SISTAS AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST! Make sure to subscribe and tune in to stay up to date with all the Sistas  Make sure to tune in and stay up to date with Sistas episodes, news, gossip, and more!

Episode Recap

We pick up where Jasmine fell off the roof of the parking garage and SURVIVED THE FALL! Gary calls the police pretending he doesn’t know what happened. The police show up and bring her to the hospital -fighting for her life- and her fate is still unknown…

Maurice wakes up from a coma after being a victim to a hate-crime. Sabrina goes to visit him and he calls her out for her attitude towards Calvin. Sabrina cries and admits her faults. Andy gets fired from her law firm revealing the fate of her career and Danny is worried that Preston may have ghosted her!

This After Show was hosted by Howard the 3rd, L Marie, and Nakia Monet.

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