Trial Season 1 Episode 4 ‘Messiah’ Review & Recap

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Is Jesus Risen? Find out with us on the AFTERBUZZ TV MESSIAH AFTERSHOW, where we’ll be analyzing and exploring the first season of Netflix’s new series, MESSIAH, following the world’s reaction to a man claiming to be the return of ‘Isa (Jesus). How would the modern world react to a potential miracle worker? Join us as we discuss and analyze the series, characters, and more!

Episode Recap

It is confirmed that Eva’s husband is dead and she has suffered her fourth miscarriage. This does not hinder her pursuit of Al-Masih and she whisks her way off to Texas to be at the trial. She has the opportunity to question Al-Mesih before he is represented and is able to call him out. A conversation occurs and after the encounter Eva is freaked out because Al-Masih reveals untold stories that only she would know. After a two day trial, Al-Mesih is granted asylum in Texas by a judge who is battling brain cancer. Felix’s church is no longer suffering. He is now considered a landmark as this is where the ‘miracle man’ has been. He takes it upon himself to escort Al-Mesih back to his church after the trial is over. Aviram is fired from his job at the Shin Bet after deleting his interrogation tape of him and Al-Mesih. He goes off the deep end and disappears. Jibril is lost in the desert.

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