Top Latin Songs Of The Week

From CNCO to Rauw Alejandro to Cardi B, here are some of the top latin songs you have to add to your playlist right now!

#5 ‘Enemigos Ocultos’ – Ozuna x Myke Towers x Wisin x Arcangel x Cosculluela x Juanka

Starting off the list is “Enemigos Ocultos” from Ozuna’s fourth studio album, ENOC. This song is the first song on the album and it features a mix of ‘La Nueva Generación’ and old school reggaetoneros.

The song begins with Ozuna who then passes it on to Arcangel and we then get to hear Myke Towers, Wisin, Juanka, and Cosculluela take the floor. Each artist is highlighted in the music video with all of their individual verses with each proving why there are some of the best in the game right now.

The almost eight-minute long song accompanied by its music video was absolutely epic. We see the artists surrounded by what looks to be law enforcement with very dimmed lights sending a very clear message to their haters.

The song itself talks about enemies which in this case, Ozuna refers to as fake people with all the artists taking a jab at them in their own verse, highlighting how they are the real ones.

Ozuna made sure to thank his colleagues that formed part of this amazing collaboration on Instagram!

#4 ‘Beso’ – CNCO

Boy band alert! Not just any boy band, but the first Latin boy band, CNCO, released their new single ‘Beso’ in late August just in time for the VMAS.

The VMAS proved to be a big night for CNCO as they won their first moonman for “Best Quarantine Performance”.

Not long after, the boys released the music video for the song which has garnered almost ten million views in the last two weeks.

The music video takes the boys through couples therapy with their respective love interests. The video itself is hilarious with all of them having special effects makeup on to make them look a certain way.

We even got Christopher in a wig!

They even made a dance to go along with it!

#3 ‘Me Gusta’ – Anitta x Cardi B x Myke Towers

None of these three artists are strangers to collaborations. All three of them have collaborated with a variety of artists across different genres of music.

Having said that, these three came together to create an epic bilingual song.

Anitta starts off the song in both English and Spanish where the momentum picks up as Cardi B begins her verse where she mentions her Afro-Latina roots in her lyrics.

Myke Towers, of course, was the last one to join in the song and his verse was just as amazing as the girls.

The music video for the song is very colorful and we see both Anitta and Cardi B modeling on a runway at the end of it. Make sure to watch it!

#2 Victoria – Lunay x Beéle

More music! Lunay released his collaboration called ‘Victoria’ with colombian artist Beéle after teasing it on Instagram a few days prior.

The song was released first with the video becoming available just a day later.

The music video follows Lunay in a drive-in theatre who notices a girl walking in. The whole video revolves around both artists with a love interest as the song progresses.

The graphics in the video were great and the video’s release came just in time for Lunay’s collaboration with the clothing company, Pull&Bear.

#1 ‘Enchule’ – Rauw Alejandro

From the newer generation of reggaeton artists, Rauw Alejandro has been one of the top tier stars of them all. He combines his killer dancing skills and amazing vocals to create a unique image for himself that is unlike any other artist in the genre.

This quarantine proved to be Rauw’s best friend as he has released music nonstop throughout these past few months.

More recently, he released his brand new song ‘Enchule’ on digital platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube.

The music video released alongside the song takes the viewer on a journey to different parts of the world. Though obviously a green screen, Rauw Alejandro showcases his dancing skills along with his team in the video.

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