Top 5 Moments From ‘Big Brother All-Stars’ Episode 8

Nicole throws some subtle shade toward Janelle, and Memphis throws the Safety Suite Challenge? Here’s everything you need to know on episode 8 of ‘Big Brother All-Stars’. 

Tyler makes his move putting two more houseguests up for eviction, but a third houseguest is now on his radar. Here are the top 5 moments from Big Brother All-Stars episode 8.

Janelle and Kaysar

Janelle and Kaysar know they’re on the chopping block, which means they have to do whatever it takes to make sure they’re not nominated for eviction.

The friendship that these two have is amazing, and even though their backs are against the wall, they’re playing the best game they possibly can.

Both Janelle and Kaysar have different approaches when it comes to staying in this game.

Kaysar went straight to the man with all the power, Tyler, to plead his case, and it was pretty convincing.

The two shared a heart-to-heart, and it seemed like Kaysar was getting somewhere with Tyler.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Janelle, who instead of going to Tyler, went to Memphis. She wanted him to pick her for the Safety Suite if he won the competition. We’ll get more into that later.

Nicole VS. Janelle

We haven’t seen too much drama this season until now, but leave it to our girls Nicole and Janelle to stir the pot.

This all started when a new set of Have-Nots were being picked. Nicole chose Janelle, but sprinkled some extra pettiness on top of her decision by saying “because she loves talking about me.”

Nicole insists what she said wasn’t planned, but Janelle was not buying it and confronted Nicole in front of the whole house.

Dani Catches Da’Vonne

Fan favorite Da’Vonne has been in the clear so far this season until Dani caught her talking game with Kaysar and Janelle.

Dani brings this up to Tyler and Enzo, who don’t take the news too lightly. Tyler now thinks Da’Vonne does not trust him, which makes Da’Vonne a possible target on Tyler’s list.

Janelle Can See Right Through You

It’s time for the final Safety Suite competition. Memphis, Nicole, Enzo, and Dani participate.

Janelle has a plan to have Memphis pick her for the Safety Suite if he wins the competition.

This won’t be good for Memphis’ game due to being in an alliance with Tyler, so he decides to throw The Challenge.

In the end, Enzo wins and picks Christmas. Janelle didn’t get safety, but she did get something pretty valuable; information that can go a long way in this game.

She can tell by how bad Memphis lost that he threw the challenge, and is not willing to work with her.

Kaysar and Janelle Up For Eviction

We were all expecting this, but Tyler nominates Kaysar and Janelle for eviction, but he has a plan B. If either gets saved by the Power Of Veto he might put up Da’Vonne.

Do you think Tyler made the right move by nominating Kaysar and Janelle? Let us know!

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