Top 3 Reasons You Should Be Watching ABC’s ‘Queens!’

ABC’s newest show Queens is fantastic and if you’re not already watching, you should be. Here are 3 reasons why you need to be watching!

There’s always that one show that has you on the edge of your seat or yelling at your TV or computer screen. ABC’s new show, Queens, will have you doing both.

This is a great show for those of you who like petty drama, I know I do! 

From the familiar faces, you’ll see on the show to the lit music that is played I’m giving you the top 3 reasons why you should add this show to your list to watch.

But before I do let me give you a little background story: 

Four ladies were in a group called the Nasty B*tches in the 1990s and they eventually split up. 20 years later they are in their forties and have personal conflicts of their own they are dealing with. 

They decide to reunite to find out if they still “got it,” and see if they can make a huge comeback. Do they? We all just have to watch and see 

Reason 1: There are so many familiar faces 

Credit: ABC

One of the main reasons why I started watching Queens is because I heard that my girl Brandy was going to be in it. If you don’t know who Brandy Norwood is, she’s a singer, songwriter, and an amazing actress. Better yet, she’s the older sister of entertainer Ray-J.

One thing about Brandy is she has them vocals!

Another familiar face you’ll see is the beautiful Naturi Naughton who is probably in at least one movie or TV show that you’ve seen, like Power for instance. 

Count on my sis to bring all of the sass when it comes to her acting skills! 

The famous rapper, singer, and actress Eve is another one of the main characters on the show, and let’s not forget Nadine Velazquez.

Reason 2: It reflects sisterhood 

Credit: ABC

Another reason why I got hooked on the show is that it shows the importance of friendship and sisterhood (so far). 

There may be times where we get in arguments with our friends, and may not even speak for a while but just to know that you have someone that you can forever lean on is a blessing.

What I see in these four are broken women who all need each other for healing. Yes, they go through their shares of ups and downs but who doesn’t?

Thus far, it’s a wonderful storyline. 

Reason 3: Lit music

If you love music like I do then this show is 100% for you!

There’s so much familiar music starting from “Beez In the Trap” by Nicki Minaj to “Twerkulator” by City Girls and a lot of old school music. 

Even if my reasons don’t spark your interest in this show, I still think you should give it a watch because there’s nothing wrong with trying something new. 

You can watch Queens every Tuesday on ABC at 10 p.m ET, or you can stream it on Hulu!

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Imani Williams

Imani Williams is a senior at Penn State University majoring in Broadcast Journalism. She is an intern at AfterBuzz TV and a fanatic of all things entertainment.