Top 3 Ranked Sitcoms in “History of the Sitcom” Part 2

Here are our top 3 favorite sitcom series that were featured in Part 2 of CNN’s eight-part docuseries History of the Sitcom.

Part 2 of History of the Sitcom titled “Sex & The Sitcom” focuses on how sitcom humor has contributed to the evolvement of the way America sees sex. We’ve ranked our top 3 favorite TV series featured in “Sex & The Sitcom”. Check out the rankings below!

I Dream of Jeannie

The 1965 sitcom series I Dream of Jeannie centers around a genie named Jeannie who is rescued from her bottle by U.S. astronaut Tony. Although originally a slave turned love interest for Tony, Jeannie’s character evolves to become more independent and promote the emancipation of the modern house woman. I Dream of Jeannie aired during a time when the Women’s Rights Movement came about, and in turn wanted to help to push female equality. Even though Jeannie often called Tony “master” Jeannie was really the powerful one in their relationship due to her magical capabilities.

Will & Grace

Will & Grace is a show about Will, a gay man, and his female best friend, Grace. This series was one of the first and most successful series to feature gay characters in main roles. The sitcom is notable for having an unapologetically gay man as the main character, especially because the hilarious moments that occur in his life could be very different from a heterosexual main character, for example. Additionally, Will & Grace opened viewers’ eyes about how men don’t have to be stereotypically gay. Two men – such as characters Will and Jack – can both be gay but have very different personalities and interests. Will & Grace first began in 1998 and ran for eight seasons, then returned to NBC from 2017 to 2020.

Modern Family

Modern Family, which ran for 11 seasons, was extremely successful, likely due to its humorous family moments combined with its relatability for people of all ages and sexualities. The sitcom revolves around a family that deals with raising kids, career changes, and learning to grow as a unit. They emphasize the normalcy of homosexuality and multicultural families. History of the Sitcom specifically talks about how Mitch and Cam were very relatable for gay couples, especially while the show was airing during the legalization of gay marriage. Cam and Mitch’s relationship provided a new level of comedy that might not be seen in a heterosexual relationship within a sitcom. In fact, interviews from History of the Sitcom argue that Modern Family could very well be credited for making America become more comfortable with same-sex marriage.

If you’re not familiar with any one of the sitcoms listed above, we highly recommend diving in to give it a watch! Check back soon to see our series rankings from the next episode!

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