Top 3 Ranked Sitcoms in “History of the Sitcom” Part 1

Here are our top 3 favorite sitcom series that were featured in Part 1 of CNN’s eight-part docuseries History of the Sitcom.

Part 1 of CNN’s eight-part docuseries History of the Sitcom is just the beginning of the insightful and creative journey about sitcoms throughout the years. Below, we’re ranking our top three favorite sitcom series featured in Part 1 titled “A Family Matter”.

I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy (1951 – 1957) is the most classic sitcom that essentially set the stage for comedy television. Centered around extroverted and funny wife Lucy and musically-talented husband Ricky, I Love Lucy is hilarious for viewers of all ages. As described in History of the Sitcom, I Love Lucy was a game-changer for the TV industry and set the formula for what the expected American family was like at the time.

All in the Family

Creator and writer Norman Lear entered a whole new realm of sitcoms with All in the Family (1971 – 1979). It was a groundbreaking sitcom due to controversial conversations the family would have together on the show. It was the first time – in a sitcom – that characters were discussing racial and social differences and were considering the privilege that they had as a white family. And of course, Archie Bunker is quite the entertaining family man.

Good Times

Good Times (1974 – 1979) was the first time that viewers followed a Black family on TV. It was very different from the other sitcoms because it was set in the South Side of Chicago, unlike most sitcoms which were set in the suburbs. Aside from the sarcastic comments and laughable situations with the Evans, Good Times showed the struggles of raising children, growing up, and conveyed the love within a family. Notably, Good Times showed white families that they could relate to minority families. This in turn created a new sense of power for the effects that sitcoms had on culture, race, and social differences.

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t love all of the sitcoms featured in History of the Sitcom, however, if you’re looking for hilarious sitcoms that were revolutionary for their decades, we highly recommend I Love Lucy, All in the Family, and Good Times as starters.

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