Top 3 Breathtaking Performances from ‘The Voice’ Season 21 Battles

‘The Voice’ Season 21 Battles kicked off this week, and we are naming our top three favorite performances of the night!

NBC’s The Voice Season 21 Battles kicked off this week, and we are naming the top three most breathtaking performances so far!

Coaches Ariana Grande, Blake Shelton, John Legend, and Kelly Clarkson were finally joined by this season’s battle advisors, featuring:

Dierks Bentley for Team Blake

Jason Aldean for Team Kelly

Camila Cabello for Team John

Kristen Chenoweth for Team Ariana

Ahead of the battle rounds, the advisors helped their respective judges to coach and prepare their teams. We think they did a spectacular job, as this season includes some of the BEST battle rounds to date! 

Katie Rae vs. Bella DeNapoli (Team Ariana)

Credit: NBC

When Katie Rae and Bella DeNapoli belted out “No More Tears” by Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer, all of the coaches were left in awe (and so were we!)

“I adore you both so much, you’re both so consistently phenomenal,” Grande said, in tears. “There’s nothing to be fixed ever, every single time we ran it was stunningly perfect.”

“It’s hard, cause she’s a new coach,” Legend said. “Like, this is the hardest part of what we do, particularly when you two make it so difficult.”

“There’s nothing that either of you can’t sing, and I feel so privileged to work with you and to have spent this time with you both,” Ari said.

“We love you,” Katie Rae and Bella exclaimed. “Thank you!”

“I think the winner of this battle is Katie Rae,” Ariana decided. 

Just when New York-native DeNapoli thought her time on The Voice was coming to an end, Ariana came in with her first-ever save. Bella and Katie Rae definitely earned their spots on Team Ariana, and we are so excited to see these women compete in The Knockouts!

Jeremy Rosado vs. Jershika Maple (Team Kelly)

Credit: NBC

Vocalists Jeremy Rosado and Jershika Maple battled it out to “Hold On” by Justin Bieber, leaving Clarkson with a very hard decision to make.

“There are two amazing powerhouse vocalists that I need to choose from; you both elevated each other (and) that was cool and magical,” Clarkson said. “Your ranges are so incredible, you were able to create that blend, which is the sign of a great artist; you all have the best hearts in the world, you’re so sweet and genuine, you are stellar humans.”

Ultimately, Kelly chose to keep Rosado and his amazing falsetto on her team, with Maple moving over to Team John. We can’t wait to see how these two progress throughout Season 21!

Samara Brown vs. Brittany Bree (Team Legend)

Credit: NBC

“You two are some of the best talents in the entire competition, period,” Legend said. 

When Brittany Bree and Samara Brown took on Aretha Franklin’s (the QUEEN of Soul) “Something He Can Feel” in the Battles: Part Two, the judges were absolutely shook. When John ultimately decided to save Brittany, Kelly and Ariana dove in to try and steal Samara.

“I said backstage, I have one steal,” Ariana said. “And, if I were going to use it on anyone, I would use it on Samara,”

“You’re a blessing to this show,” Kelly exclaimed. “Whether you choose to stay with your coach or you go to the right team, my team.”

In the end, Samara decided to return home to Team Legend, joining Brittany Bree in the Knockouts. 

“I had to save Samara,” John said. “Ariana and Kelly put their best foot forward to try and make that steal, but I was gonna fight for Samara and I did. Nice try, ladies.”

What a Legend-ary move! Stay tuned in to NBC’s The Voice on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8/7c to continue watching the Battles unfold. We will catch you back here for Knockouts!

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