Three Reasons Kevin Hart Is An Amazing Dad

Kevin and Eniko Hart welcomed their baby girl Kaori Mai into the world! The couple had their second child yesterday after nearly three years from when their son Kenzo Kash was born. Eniko shared the exciting news on Instagram with a post expressing how she’s blessed for “a little bit of heaven sent down to earth.”

The comedian is also a dad to Heaven, 15, and Hendrix, 12, who he’s talked about during a number of his stand-up performances. The father of four has shared many fond memories with his kids, and now with baby Kaori Mai, we’re sure he’ll have plenty of new stories to tell.

Through the scandals, time-consuming projects, and work-life balance, Hart knows he’s a “great dad.” Here are three reasons why the funny father really is the best!

First, he knows what it’s like to not have a great dad around. In his Netflix docuseries Kevin Hart: Don’t F**k This Up, the actor opens up about his own father who struggled with addiction and was absent for many parts of his childhood and adolescence.

Hart acknowledges his father’s parenting style and lack of showing emotions in previous interviews and stand-up routines too. Hart says he’s learned from his father’s mistakes which have helped him become a great dad for his own kids. His relationship with his dad Henry Witherspoon is complicated, but the two have made peace with the past.

His dedication to providing an amazing lifestyle for his family is another reason the Philadelphia native is a great dad! Before the coronavirus pandemic, Hart was seen working on several projects and collaborations, making him a pretty busy man on the road. However, the comedian explains in his docuseries that he’s building an empire to leave for his family as a way to ensure they always have the best in life.

From giving his kids a private school education, which he jokes about in some of his comedy specials, to teaching them life lessons, Hart takes a lot of pride in parenting. One of the biggest takeaways he’s shared with them is his work ethic and helping them understand all the effort and struggles he’s encountered to attain his successful career.

The list isn’t complete without recognizing that Kevin Hart is a great father because he’s truly just a fun, loving dad! He isn’t afraid to make TikToks with Heaven, post silly moments with Kenzo, or help Hendrix up his boxing skills. Hart also doesn’t shy away from teasing everyone in his comedy bits or stand-up shows—it’s all done with love!

The Harts show off their dance moves in this one TikTok clip during quarantine with Kevin, Eniko and Heaven.

In this cute moment, “Lil Zo” throws hands just like his dad showed him. Don’t disrespect this mighty duo!

Kenzo isn’t the only Hart son going through training. This clip from the comedian shows his second-oldest flexing his quick reflexes and working out for fun.

We can’t wait to see what sweet moments the 41-year-old performer and his wife will have with the family’s newest addition. Congratulations to both Kevin and Eniko Hart!

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