This Year’s Top Music Videos We Love to Watch on Repeat!

As much as we enjoy the music that artists put out, we also love watching the cinematic creativity they put in their music videos! Today we’re featuring the top music videos that everyone is talking about.

Harry Styles – As It Was

After teasing a few easter egg hints about his highly anticipated album and new single, Harry Styles did indeed successfully excite his fans. He dropped his new single, “As It Was,” along with a music video of him dancing, which is always iconic. The red and blue color-themed music video shows the contrast between him and his counterpart character and that shows even in the details of the color of their nails! With TikTok blowing up the song within seconds, Stylers have also started using the audio on videos of random people dancing on their way to work, putting a smile on our faces. We can’t wait for his new album to be released on May 20th!

Doja Cat – Woman

Fans are endlessly obsessed with Doja Cat crushing her dance moves on all of her music video series for Planet Her album. In her music video for “Woman,” the icon dresses up as a mythical goddess helping a queen reclaim her reign from men trying to seize her throne. Doja’s powers are her sensual dance moves and it certainly puts us under her spell as well!

Joshua Bassett – Doppelgänger

The 21-year-old singer perfectly captures the bittersweet moment in his music video, “Doppelgänger.” Fans can relate to his emotions going through a breakup through his melancholic vocals and lyrics. While it hints at his public romantic fallout with his High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ co-star, Olivia Rodrigo, fans did not miss their chance to refer to the similarities with her music video of “deja vu.”

The Weeknd – Out of Time

The R&B singer The Weeknd showed us what a fun and karaoke-filled weekend with Squid Game actress Jung Ho-yeon would look like. Their cute interactions in his “Out of Time” music video are making all of us jealous! However, in the end, there is a big plot twist where the singer wakes up under surgery by Doctor Jim Carrey!

Adele – Oh My God

“Oh My God,” Adele blessed us with another hit song! The black and white aesthetic in her music video matches Adele’s impactful image of a clean look. With “Rolling in the Deep,” also directed by Sam Brown, makes fans go back to a nostalgic feel. But this time, with her big mark of being “30,” as she also titled her album, she is showing a changed side of herself. In the music video, the British singer appears in both extravagant dresses imitating the evil queen and Snow White. The music closes as she bites into an apple which fans interpret as her giving into the temptation to start a new chapter of her life after her divorce.

Charlie Puth – Light Switch

During the quarantine era, Charlie Puth has been cooking up some beats and he has now finally released them for us to tune in to! The singer-songwriter has blown up on TikTok sharing his process of producing music with random beats that he hears around him, one of which was a sound of a flick of a light switch. In his “Light Switch” music video, he depicts a common break up some of us may have gone through during COVID. In the short clip, he acts like a guy heartbroken and not motivated to do anything but gradually returns back to his feet working on himself again. He turns us on like a light switch to self-care!

@charlieputhI’m freaking out wtf just happened….. 💡♬ original sound – Charlie Puth

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