The Year Of Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny had a crazy year, and we’re recapping everything he did in 2020!

‘Kemba Walker’

Bad Bunny started off the year with a bang!

He performed ‘Kemba Walker’ alongside Eladio Carrión in Puerto Rico.

The performance was received very well by fans in his home country, and he even said that 2020 would be historic.

Calibash LA

A few days later, he would perform at Calibash at the Staples Center.

The most exciting part was when Lebron James joined him on stage while the Latin Trap star was singing.

It was quite a surprise as Lebron James was battling the flu for a week but was cured just in time to hit the stage.

The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Bad Bunny and J Balvin made a surprise appearance during the 2020 halftime show.

Bad Bunny performed with Shakira, while J Balvin was with Jennifer Lopez.

Their performance was absolutely epic!

A Failed Valentine’s Day

Bad Bunny recalls a moment in which he got an amazing Valentine’s gift for his girlfriend.

However, he told his Twitter followers that she didn’t show up to school that day.

He ended up giving the gift to another girl…


Yo Hago Lo Que Me Da La Gana

Bad Bunny went on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to give exclusive information about his album cover, the number of tracks, and what the name would be.

He even recreated the pose he did with Jimmy Fallon’s wax figure.

The album made its debut on February 29, 2020. He ended up going to the club a few days later with artists such as Becky G, Karol G, Natti Natasha, and Anuel AA.

‘Yo Perreo Sola’

It’s safe to say this song, along with ‘Safaera,’ became one of the biggest quarantine anthems.

The countless TikToks and dances that were made because of these two songs were insane.

Plus, we can’t forget Bad Bunny’s iconic looks for the music video.

Triple H

In case you didn’t know, Bad Bunny is a huge professional wrestling fan.

So much so that when he was courtside for a Miami Heat game, Bad Bunny took the opportunity to recreate Triple H’s entrance.

The results were pretty great, and ESPN made a comparison of his version to that of Triple H’s.

WWE even tweeted him!

His Message On International Women’s Day

Bad Bunny insisted that people respect women, their choices, and their bodies.

He urged fans and anyone reading to respect women not just on that day but every single day.

The Meaning Behind His Tweets

Via Twitter, Bad Bunny analyzed a couple of tweets he’s made in the past.

In the video, he breaks down what they mean and has a hilarious interaction with one of them.

His Iconic Tanning Pictures

Goals. Absolute goals.

Bad Bunny posted these three photos in the midst of a tanning session.

The reggaeton artist did not shy away from the camera and completely wowed all his fans.

He even noted that it was day number six in quarantine.

Recreating Toy Story

Boredom officially got to Bad Bunny as he started making his own novela out of Toy Story characters that he had at home.

His novela lasts a good five minutes so if you got time, definitely check it out!

He does pretty good with his impressions too!

The Slap Heard Around The World

It’s no secret that Bad Bunny spent his quarantine with his girlfriend, Gabriela, in Puerto Rico.

The pair have shared a couple of sweet moments on social media and in public.

The video seemed like a challenge to see how hard Gabriela could hit Bad Bunny, and it was definitely hard.

Bad Bunny seemed to bite his lip because of it before the video.

The couple also made another video where they talked about the pandemic when it first started.

Las Que No Iban a Salir

The second album Bad Bunny released this year wasn’t even supposed to come out.

The video shows only a fraction of what he did on Instagram Live.

He ended up online for over three hours with the above video just indicating unreleased songs.

He gave fans a sneak peek into songs that wouldn’t come out, but the album came out a couple of days later.

Dákiti Dance

Bad Bunny, on top of rock, created the dance to his newest song alongside Jhay Cortez.

The song, itself, became a hit and everyone jumped on the trend to recreate Bad Bunny’s infamous moves.

He took to Twitter and his Instagram stories to repost/retweet fans’ versions of his dance.

He even took the time to flex that it was the number one song in the world.

El Último Tour del Mundo

To finish off the year, El Conejo Malo released his third album of the year at the end of November.

The album was different than what most were used to but nonetheless showed the immense talent that Bad bunny has.

The biggest news was that Bad Bunny’s album hit number one on the Billboard albums chart, making it the first ever all Spanish-language album to do so.


Bad Bunny had an incredible year.

Not only did he release three albums, but he also made history multiple times this year in doing so.

He left his mark in 2020, and we are super excited to see what Bad Bunny has in store for 2021!

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