The Most Popular Super Bowl Commercials This Year!

The Super Bowl may be over with the win going to The Los Angeles Rams. But what’s still being debated, are the best commercials from the night. Here are some of our picks!

While Sunday’s hyped Super Bowl may be over in a nailbiter, one of the buzziest aspects was the many commercials that put forward their best effort; all in the hopes to join the vaulted ranks of the game’s past. Here are some of them and the categories that they fell into. (And some bonus buzz-worthy trailers that had parties across the world talking.)

After a long year like the one, we’ve had a lot of brands go old fashioned and used humor to sell their products.

Bringing Down The House – NFL

Playing Madden, two siblings find more than they bargain for when the game comes to life in VR form. Out of the game, comes many famous players who go about destroying the house as they play a fourth down.  It’s a clever spot that showcases the power of technology and family. And of a sleeping granny. Co-directed by Peter Berg and Arthur Mintz of Swaybox Studios.

Push It Flaming Hot – Frito Lay

People love animals. People love Doritos. People love famous rap songs. Combine the three and you get this spot. After eating a hiker’s bag of Doritos, various woodland animals begin to rap Salt n Pepa’s Push It. They even deny the original hiker any of the snacks.

Mind Reader – Amazon 

Featuring the real life couple, Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson, Amazon’s commercial shows what could happen if Alexa could read your mind. Taking a comic approach, the ad shows that it’s a good thing technology isn’t quite there yet.

That ad acts as a transition to the next branch of advertising that aired last night. The always reliable ads featuring celebrities. This year, a lot of TV celebrities were featured.

Hannah Waddingham – High Stakes – Rakuten

Hannah Waddingham of Ted Lasso fame makes her Super Bowl commercial debut in a high stakes poker game. A poker game where the bets get increasingly over the top. All for Rakuten, an online cash back center.

Jennifer Coolidge, Nicholas Braun, Gwyneth Paltrow, Trevor Noah- Uber Don’t Eats – Uber Eats

Uber Eats is growing it’s options including leaning more towards groceries. This leads celebrities and everyday people including Jennifer Coolidge and Nicholas Braun eating everything in their bags only to see it’s not food. A helpful disclaimer at the bottom reveals it’s prop food and do not eat each of the items ranging from soap, to candles, to paper towels. Including Trevor Noah’s disclaimer, do not eat food.

Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen – “Golden Memories” – Lays

As Seth Rogen waits to get married, his best friend Paul Rudd comforts him with a bag of Lays. This provokes them to reminisce over all the times Lays has been with them. From a road trip to a near death confession on an airplane to meeting a zombie ghost in his new house. A zombie ghost who he then marries on the happiest day of his life. It’s a fun spot utilizing the chemistry of the two friends and the increasingly outlandish scenarios.

Another way that advertisers tried to sell their products was by throwing it back to a simpler time. Or catching up with old friends.

ETrade/Morgan Stanley – E*TRADE Baby “Off The Grid”

The first of these to air was the return of the Etrade baby. Introduced as living off the grid in what can be seen as an homage to Dexter. Etrade agents find the Etrade baby and try to get him to get back citing the declining state of finances. The baby is unconvinced until one of the agents says “People are taking financial advice from memes”, an obvious hit at the Gamestop/AMC short/squeeze scandals. This rushes him into action set to Britney Spears “One More Time” to a helicopter, also piloted by a baby.

Chevy SIlverado – New Generation “The Sopranos”

Another throwback to the late 90’s/early 2000’s came shortly after. While initially unclear to those not familiar with the show, this ad got loud gasps of excitement at the party I was at when the iconic theme started leading to a reveal of the modern day version of Tony’s kids. Directed by original series creator David Chase, Sopranos fans started dissecting this commercial asap.

General Motors – “Dr. Evil – EVerybody In” 

Another late 90 ‘s homage is Mike Myers, Seth Green, and Mindy Sterling reunite as Dr. Evil, his son Scott and Frau Farbissina. They have taken over General Motors and Dr. Evil learns that he is no longer the number one threat to the world and that his son Scott has had a son of his own, Kyle. To regain his status as number one and to protect the world for his grandson, Dr. Evil vows to go all electric.

Another major trend this year was the rise of cryptocurrency ads. Whether you’re a fan or not, there was no escaping the ads this year. One even crashed the company’s app.

Larry David – FTX – “Don’t Miss Out with Larry David”

Larry David’s first Super Bowl commercial. Playing on his Curb persona of always being wrong. Wrong about the wheel, wrong about the moon and now wrong about something else new. That something new was revealed at the very end to be a cryptocurrency ad. This ad provoked a lot of division online as many loved David but were frustrated at it being a crypto ad. This coincided with a sweepstakes giving away crypto based on what time the ad ran.

The Moment of Truth –

LeBron James also got into the crypto field with an ad of him talking to a younger version of himself. Promoting the future for him and the world, LeBron hypes his younger self up. A tagline flashes, fortune favors the bold. And the ad’s sponsor is revealed


Another ad that baffled viewers. At the start, all that shows is a QR code. Scan it and the purpose reveals itself. It links to coinbase’s app where first time users can get free bitcoin or existing users can enter to win millions. This was also an ad that elicited groans.

Then some trailer spots that got people talking during the game.

The Lord of the Rings – Rings of Power : Teaser Trailer – Amazon

One spot was for the new Lord of The Rings Amazon prime show, The Rings of Power set thousands of years before the original series featuring a young Galadriel and young Elrond.

Nope – Teaser

While the full trailer dropped online at midnight of game day, the first teaser for Nope, Jordan Peele’s new film, landed early in the game. This is another one that got viewing parties very excited; especially to see Keke Palmer back on the big screen!

Budweiser – A Clydesdale’s Journey

And saved for last the final ad we have to mention is an old reliable, Budweiser. Directed by Academy Award winner Chloe Zhao.

What was your favorite ad? Let us know in the comments!

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