The Great S1 E6 Recap & After Show: Turning A New Leaf

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Want to catch up on some Russian history? How about with a dash of comedy? Join us on THE GREAT AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW as we follow one longing for love woman, as she becomes the longest reigning female ruler of Russia. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date.

After surviving poison, Peter has seemed to turn over a new leaf. His new outlook has encouraged him to value the opinions of those around him. As he searches for ways to improve the castle, Catherine makes some strong suggestions. This new path has pleased everyone except Archibold. When he learns the Emperor is not easily swayed, he takes an unconventional route to prove his point. While things stir up in the castle, Orlov goes on a journey to answer some burning questions. He voyage is cut short and he finds himself in a life threatening situation. The hosts discuss this and share predictions in this episode of Afterbuzz TV’s The Great Aftershow.
Hosts: Cody Epperson, Tatiana Mariesa, and Toree Weaver

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