The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies Michaela Bradshaw Opens Up About Infamous “List”

The Challenge: Spies Lies and Allies officially premiered on Wednesday, and the episode lived up to its high expectations delivering a solid amount of competitiveness and drama.

This season, 35 contestants come together to compete for a chance to win a whopping one million dollars, and the stakes are high, so high that one cast member has already been eliminated.

During The premiere episode, viewers were forced to say goodbye to Survivor alum Michaela Bradshaw. The Challenge rookie spoke with Benny Adams on Challenge Reality News about her time on the show, and the much talked about “list” that caused havoc in the house.

“Was there a paper with names on it? Yes 100 percent. Was there a list on who to vote out or who’s on my hit list? Absolutely not, that was contrived.” Explained Bradshaw, on the list that caused controversy between her, and some of her housemates.

The drama started when Rookie Emy Alupei told Aneesa and Tori that Michaela had come up with a list of people she wanted to get rid of. But it wasn’t actually Emy who came up with the idea to ruffle feathers.

“I think Emy did what she did out of fear because her name was on the chopping block. The real reason that pushed her to do that was Amanda. She told Emy to make up some dirt on another rookie to make sure it’s not you in elimination. That’s what she did, she went straight to Tori and Aneesa.” Explained Bradshaw

The drama did not stop there. During deliberation Survivor alums Tommy and Michelle backed up Emy’s claims about the list

“My gut is always right, there was no comradery when it came to Tommy. I did feel a connection with Michelle, but it didn’t make sense to me how she could be connected and tied to a couple of people in the house that were clearly not Michaela fans. I genuinely thought Michelle had spewed the information about the list, I didn’t know it was Emy until deliberation when she started talking out of nowhere, and I realized it wasn’t Michelle.” Said Bradshaw.

During elimination it was a showdown between Michaela and Renan versus Michelle and Cory L in a game called back me up. Unfortunately the elimination was not in Michaela and Renan’s favor and they were sent home.

“The elimination was tough. I have to give all credit to Cory L. I was hoping that it would have been an individual elimination, I think the outcome could have been different, but that’s how the cards fall, and I can’t take anything away from Cory L because he dug deep on that one, and gave everyone a rub for their money.” Said Bradshaw.

Now that Michaela has had time to look back at her gameplay, she says if she could go back there would be a couple of things she would change.

“I’d try to convince Kelz to be my partner for the first challenge, because we would have won, and it would have been a whole different season Explained Bradshaw. I also would have kept my mouth closed and just made my appeal before deliberation, because I had enough relationships in the house to sway the vote.”

Now Michaela wants nothing more but to come back and compete, and if given the opportunity to return she already has a fellow player in mind that she would love to team up with.

“What really sparked my interest in doing the challenge was seeing Jay during his rookie season. I’m glad my name is in the hat now, and I’m hoping one day we can partner up together and run the house.”

As far as what her strategy will be if she does in fact return, she says she’s keeping that information to herself, but she will be doing things differently.

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