The Challenge’s Joss and Rogan Go Bare In Las Vegas

Joss Mooney and Rogan O’Connor, aka “Jogan” have been living it up in Las Vegas. The two performed at the one and only Chippendales, making the crowd go wild.

The fun didn’t stop there, as the two sat down with People TV and gave some tips for the new rookies on season 35.

“Strap up because, when you’re a rookie, you have to go into elimination Challenge Rules. When you get in the house, you’re new, you’re going in. Don’t take it personally as well, it’s like initiation,” said Mooney.

The two also gave their thoughts on Cara Maria, calling her a miserable person. “She’s a nice girl, but she’s got this legacy, we just turned up and I thought she was miserable,” said both O’Connor and Mooney.

Still no word on when Season 35 of The Challenge will air, but here’s to hoping these best friends will return giving us all types shenanigans we all know and love.

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