The Best Sitcom Halloween Episodes!

Halloween is approaching and that means it’s time to watch all of your favorite Halloween episodes! Here’s our list of the best sitcom Halloween episodes to binge-watch this season!

Halloween is quickly approaching, which means there’s only one way to prepare… watch every TV special there is!

Now, that’s a lot of Halloween episodes, so we are narrowing it down to the best ones to get you in the mood! From Modern Family to Brooklyn 99 and Friends, Halloween specials are a sitcom staple. Here are a few of our favorites:

Brooklyn 99 – “HalloVeen” Season 5 Episode 4

Brooklyn 99’s Halloween episode(s) are often brought up in conversation as some of the best tv Halloween specials, so it’s only right to have theirs at the top of the list. The show has a “Halloween Heist” every season, which are all worth the watch. The best of these continued theme episodes is Season 5’s. We can’t give too much away; you just need to watch!

Modern Family – “Halloween” Season 2 Episode 6

Modern Family is a classic family sitcom, so it’s hard not to include their Halloween episode in this list. Again, there are so many to choose from, but Season 2 takes the cake! Halloween is being held at Claire and Phil’s house, and it is an event, to say the least!

The Office – “Halloween” Season 2 Episode 5

When you think of sitcoms, you probably think of The Office. And guess what? They also have an amazing Halloween episode; well, there are several of them. The number one, though, has to be Season 2’s “Halloween,” which involves some interesting costumes and Michael struggling with firing one of the employees.

New Girl – “Halloween” Season 1 Episode 6

It’s reigning cats and dogs! This episode of New Girl is hilarious, along with every other episode of New Girl, but a Halloween staple nonetheless. You can’t beat Robbie’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume and some good ole Schmidt & CeCe banter. Plus, Dr. Sam is always easy on the eyes, even when his character gets in the way of our favorite love story, Nick and Jess.

Boy Meets World – “And Then There Was Shawn” Season 5 Episode 17

Boy Meets World is that classic 90s sitcom that everyone loves. And, in true 90s fashion, Boy Meets World creates their own slasher flick when they think there’s a murderer in their school while they’re all in detention. This is a staple in your sitcom binge-watch this fall; who doesn’t love a good throwback!

Friends – “The One With The Halloween Party” Season 8 Episode 6

We can’t finish our list without the sitcom! Friends is more known for their Thanksgiving episodes, but “The One With The Halloween Party” is a classic that you can’t forget to watch this October! Monica and Chandler host a costume party that involves some drama with Phoebe and her twin, as well as the iconic “spud-nik” costume! Definitely a great episode to end your Halloween sitcom binge!

While there are about a million great Halloween episodes out there, especially in the world of sitcoms, these are some of the best. Happy binge-ing!

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