The Best Memes From The Latest Episode of ‘The Bachelorette’

Michelle Young’s hometown’s episode of The Bachelorette bred the production of hilarious fan content. Here are some of our favorite Bachelor Nation responses! 

ABC’s The Bachelorette featured its gorgeous final four on November 30th. You probably already know that during each hometown visit, we got to meet cute yet cringe-worthy families. As always, #BachelorNation took to the most influential platform, Twitter, of course, to “memeify” the highlights:

Brandon the skater boy:

Brandon’s dad:

Brandon’s brother:

Brandon being the sweetest. Ever:

Rodney being prince charming:

RIP Rodney:

Joe’s prom:

The iconic “conversation” with Joe’s dad:

Nayte being hot:

Nayte red flags:

The emotional breakthrough between Nayte and his step-dad:

Final four mom’s club:

Michelle being a boss:

Outrage from Clayton’s Bachelor preview:

Pretty accurate, right? Make sure to tune in to the “Men Tell All” next week for all of your favs!

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