‘The Bachelorette’ Week 7 Recap and Reactions!

From one of the men returning to Charity telling two men she loves them, the seventh week of The Bachelorette was full of moments fans could not get enough of!

In the seventh episode of The Bachelorette Season 20, viewers watched as Charity and the now 3 men traveled to Pacific Harbor, Fiji for the overnight date week. With 3 one-on-one dates plus the overnights, this episode was full of excitement – but still had its share of dramatic moments. Let’s take a look at what fans are saying about it on Twitter!

Charity and Xavier

For the first date of the episode, Charity and Xavier visit a private island where they are greeted by native islanders who perform a traditional wedding ceremony for them. The ceremony started off cute, but during the vow portion, Xavier seemed to throw Charity off by calling her a “delicate flower” that he didn’t want to crush. Charity did not know how to interpret this, which leads into the nighttime portion where everything went downhill. In his confessional, Xavier revealed he was still having doubts and wanted to be fully honest with Charity. In the most shocking moment for Charity and Bachelor Nation, he revealed that he was unfaithful in his past relationship. If viewers know one thing it’s that infidelity triggers Charity because of her own past. Charity was clearly shaken by his admission but felt like she owed it to their relationship to hear him out. From here on, however, it only got worse for Xavier who continued to dig himself into a hole – even saying it wasn’t going to be easy for him to remain faithful. He told Charity his heart doesn’t have doubts but his mind does and alluded to needing to “see more” overnight. This was the final straw for Charity who chose to not even open the overnight date card and instead send him home.

Charity and Joey

After a frustrating day before with Xavier, it was time for Charity and Joey’s date. The couple had not seen each other since Joey’s hometown, which did not end well, creating confusion for both of them. Charity picked Joey up in an ATV where they rode around, clearly having a great time just being together. The date took a twist when the ATV broke down, but they did not let that ruin the day. Instead, they walked to a waterfall, where they finally discussed Hometown Week and Uncle Joe’s comments. Joey explained that he was uncomfortable especially when his uncle showed up unannounced. Charity felt reassured by his response, and the couple were back on track. During the dinner portion, Joey wanted to show Charity the anxious, not so perfect side of him. Charity reassured him and said she related to being a people pleaser in what was a very heartfelt moment. It only got more swoon-worthy from there because Joey told her he is in love and Charity said it back! They spent the night together and it was clear love was in the air. It came time for Joey to leave, but not before they exchanged “I love yous” with one another.

Charity and Dotun

The last date of the week was with Dotun, where he and Charity rode jet skis to a remote private island. Charity and Dotun both brought up the fact that their relationship has always been easy and they haven’t hit any bumps so far. Dotun shared that he did have something to reveal. He explained that he did not know much about the show coming in, specifically the engagement at the end. In an adorable moment, he told Charity that when he heard that he was “totally fine with it” because it’s her at the end. During the nighttime portion, Dotun told Charity he is in love with her and she said it back, meaning she has now said it to both Dotun and Joey – leaving Bachelor Nation on edge. They spent the night together and had a hard time saying goodbye the next day, showing their love for one another.

An Unexpected Visitor

Early on in the episode, viewers are taken back to California in a shocking surprise – it’s Aaron packing his bags for Fiji to win Charity back. After all 3 dates, we finally get to see Aaron surprise Charity at the end of the episode. The look on Charity’s face was of pure shock but she revealed in her confessional she was excited to see him. The two of them spoke, and Charity told him that even though she sent him home, she was falling in love with him. The moment ended on a cliffhanger so we did not get to see what Charity decided about Aaron, but it was clear how conflicted she was. Since next week is The Men Tell All, we will have to wait two weeks to see what her decision was!

Stay tuned for The Bachelorette Men Tell All next Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC!

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