‘The Bachelorette’ Season 18 Week 6 Recap and Reactions!

After all the events that took place in episode 6 of The Bachelorette, we have to talk about it! Here is a look at the episode plus what Bachelor Nation thought!  

The latest episode of The Bachelorette featured dates supposedly planned by some of Michelle Young’s students. Said students paid a visit to the eight remaining men to play around and get to know them. Throughout the episode and beyond, #BachelorNation took to Twitter, as they do each week, to create meme-y content. Read on to recap the dates and the accompanying fan reaction!


After Michelle’s fifth-graders met the men, they chose Clayton to go on the first one-on-one. Clayton and Michelle get into a limo stacked with some of the kids’ favorite items: pizza, candy, and all sorts of treats. Their night then leads to the Bell Museum of Natural History where they have the place to themselves, call that a #NightAtTheMuseum! The two play some tag and answer get-to-know-you questions. At dinner, future Bachelor Clayton tells Michelle that he has discovered himself on this journey and feels that he is fully ready to start a life with her. Unfortunately, it becomes clear that Michelle does not feel the same way. Although Michelle says that Clayton ticked all the boxes, and the kids say he has big muscles, the night ends with a farewell to Clayton.

Group date:

The six men without one-on-one dates spent their day at a Minnesotan farm. At the farm, we saw the men handle some teats (cow udders, of course), shuffle animal excrement, and play with the goats. All went fairly well, that is until the hometown pressure built. At the night portion of the date, each man chatted with Michelle and plead their cases for a rose and hometown visit. Fan-favorite Nayte even shared that he has never introduced a woman to his father but is excited to take that step with Michelle. The show cuts to another conversation between Olu, Rick, and none other than Miami bred Martin. Martin tells his fellow-men how he has been noticing flaws in Michelle; he even went so far as to say that she has past trauma and is immaturely handling it. Obviously, trustworthy Olu brought the red flags to Michelle’s attention. She hastily pulled Martin for a chat, claiming she felt he was being untrustworthy. Rather than listening to her feelings, Martin grew angry and defensive, yet again digging himself into a one-way tunnel, away from Michelle. Michelle unapologetically and promptly sent Martin home. Due to his open conversation and deep connection with Michelle, the night ended in a group date rose for Nayte, after the two admitted to falling in love with each other.


The second one-on-one went to Brandon, whose connection with Michelle is physically clear. Michelle drove Brandon through her hometown, to her favorite ice cream place and her childhood home. The Bachelor Nation viewers got an intimate look at Michelle’s house, photos, and bedroom. When they weren’t making out or getting steamy in the hot tub, Brandon and Michelle talked about childhood and family. On the note of family, surprise, Michelle’s parents arrive. The four of them chat about their experience and get relationship advice from the ‘rents. Brandon works up the courage to ask the parents for their blessing in asking Michelle to marry him if it comes to that. They, of course, agree if that’s what Michelle wants. At the following dinner, Brandon tells Michelle he is falling for her, and she appears very happy. Although her reaction was pretty similar to the moment with Nayte, Michelle has been nothing but genuine, so perhaps she is just falling for many men! The night ended in a rose for Brandon.

Rose ceremony:

After the week’s dates, Michelle decided to cancel the rose ceremony- she knew what she was going to do. The night concluded with the conclusion of two men, whose presences and connections with Michelle were quite strong, Olu and Rick.

Well, four men are left! Are you #TeamNayte, #TeamJoe, #TeamRodney, or #TeamBrandon? Let us know!

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