‘The Bachelorette’ Week 3 Recap & Reactions!

From the men singing to Charity dressed as Ken Dolls to lots of drama with Brayden, the third week of The Bachelorette was full of moments fans could not get enough of!

In the third episode of The Bachelorette Season 20, viewers watched as Charity and the now 14 men went on the first trip of the season to Oceanside, California. Charity’s journey to find love continued with 2 one-on-one dates, a hilarious group date, and an eventful rose ceremony. Let’s take a look at what fans are saying about it on Twitter!

Charity and Brayden

The first date of the episode followed Brayden and Charity as they took a helicopter to Oceanside while the rest of the men traveled by bus. The date took place at Petco Park Stadium, where they tossed around a baseball and chatted on the field. It wasn’t without drama, however, because in the second half of the date Charity confronted Brayden about wanting to leave the week prior. In typical Brayden fashion, he reassured Charity that he’s here for her by writing a note on a baseball, which she accepted as a step in the right direction.

The Group Date

This week’s Barbie themed date was full of funny moments. Joey, Aaron B., Michael, James, Caleb, Aaron S., Sean, Xavier, Tanner, Adrian, Dotun, and John were chosen for the date, where they were tasked with writing a song to the tune of “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”, dressed as a Ken Doll. From “Birthday Suit Ken” to “Ice Skater Ken”, it’s safe to say the men got creative. They gave it their all, but ultimately Sean, who dressed as “Double Denim Ken”, was chosen as the best performance of the date, giving him alone time with Charity afterward.

The Cocktail Party

The cocktail party had a rocky start when the men voiced their frustrations at Sean for being selfish. He pulled Charity to talk after just getting one-on-one time with her after the group date, leaving less time for the other men who hadn’t spoken with her yet. Sean did not end up getting the group date rose, however, which ended up going to Dotun.

Charity and Warwick

Warwick was chosen for the second date of the week where he and Charity visited Belmont Park. The date was not short of cringe moments and awkward silence between the two. When Warwick shared his reluctance to be in a relationship and said communication was his biggest weakness, Charity decided to not give him the rose and send him home. Bachelor Nation shared their hilarious reactions to the date on Twitter.

The Rose Ceremony

The episode concluded with a rose ceremony that was full of drama. Joey and Charity shared a cute moment where he showed her handwritten notes from his grandfather, and Xavier surprised Charity with a sweater he knitted for her. The ceremony took a turn when Aaron B. pulled Charity aside to reveal Brayden’s comments about not being ready for an engagement at the end. This struck a chord in Charity, reminding her of her ex’s unwillingness to commit, who almost took the rose off of Brayden. In the end, he got to keep the rose he was given on their date, and Aaron S., James, and Adrian were sent home leaving 10 men left on their journey to find love.

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