‘The Bachelorette Men Tell All’ Recap and Reactions!

From the men confronting Brayden, rehashing drama, and Xavier seeing Charity for the first time since being sent home, The Bachelorette Men Tell All was full of moments fans could not get enough of!

In the eighth episode of The Bachelorette Season 20, viewers watched as all of the men from Charity’s season revisited the juiciest moments of the season and saw Charity for the first time since she sent them home. From the men airing out their drama, a visit from former bachelorettes, and a sneak peek of The Golden Bachelor, this episode was full of excitement – but not without drama. Let’s take a look at what fans are saying about it on Twitter!

Brayden Vs. All of the Men

Early on in the episode Bachelor Nation got to watch the men confront Brayden for all of the drama he caused in the house. The men took turns as they rehashed their issues with him, like taking time with Charity away from them and how he always got himself out of sticky situations. The men accused Brayden of calling Charity classless, which sparked a debate over whether or not it was actually said. Producers admitted to not being able to find any footage of him saying that in a moment that Bachelor Nation had fun with on Twitter.

The Peter Situation

Peter, who was sent home on night one, confronted the men for using #FP on social media, which was revealed to stand for “F*** Peter”. He said he never would have known what it meant if it wasn’t for Brayden telling him. The men defended their actions by saying Peter was not nice to any of them the first night and claimed he was there for the wrong reasons after discussing brand deals right after he was sent home. By the end of the heated exchange, Xavier apologized for his part in using the hashtag on social media. Bachelor Nation shared their thoughts on the drama, with many finding the men’s actions to be immature.

Brayden In The Hot Seat

After the men took their turns confronting him, it came time for him to sit in the hot seat where he spoke to host Jesse Palmer. Viewers were shown a clip of Brayden’s journey throughout the season and he discussed his decision to leave. Although he spent a pretty short amount of time in the hot seat, it ended on a funny note when he gave Jesse a pair of clip-on earrings similar to the ones we’ve seen him wearing all season. Jesse then announced Brayden will be making an appearance on Bachelor In Paradise, followed by a sneak peek of him there.

Xavier In The Hot Seat

In what was a long-awaited moment for Bachelor Nation, Xavier took a seat on the couch where he discussed his exit. We saw a brief recap of his final moments with Charity, which he admitted was tough to watch because the conversation did not go as he planned. When asked about where his feelings stand for Charity now, Xavier said he’s had a difficult time moving on and even reached out to a therapist to work on himself.

Charity and The Men

Finally, Charity came out and took a seat on the couch as she saw the men for the first time since sending them home. Brayden and Charity spoke first, and she said she gave him way more grace than he deserved. He ended the conversation by apologizing for his behavior on the show and hurting her. In what was a cringe moment for Bachelor Nation, Sean invited himself up onto the couch to thank Charity but was quickly sent back to his seat by Jesse. The time finally came for Xavier and Charity to talk, and she did not hold back. Charity said she wished he told her about the cheating and his doubts sooner because she likely wouldn’t have kept him there as long as she did. She confronted him for saying “I love you” right before he got in the car, but he defended himself by saying he wanted her to know how he really felt. He apologized and made a point to say he ‘denounces cheating’. In a gesture Bachelor Nation was not impressed by, Xavier ended their conversation by gifting her a rose he knitted.

Surprise Guests

Former bachelorettes Trista Sutter, Desiree Siegfried, and DeAnna Pappas made a surprise appearance where they sat down on the couch with Charity. Viewers were updated on where their relationships are now, and they offered Charity advice.

The Golden Bachelor

The Golden Bachelor’s Gerry made an appearance and took a seat on the couch to talk with Jesse about his upcoming season, which had Bachelor Nation swooning at how wholesome he is. He told viewers he is not looking to replace his wife Toni, but rather find someone to make his life whole again.

The Finale

Viewers got a sneak peek of Season 20’s finale at the end of the episode, which showed Charity distressed over having to say goodbye to someone she loves. Bachelor Nation is undoubtedly excited to see who she will end up engaged to at the end of her journey to find love.

Stay tuned for the season finale of The Bachelorette next Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC!

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