‘The Bachelorette’ Episode Five Recap!

The Bachelorette episode 5 was filled with juicy events! We are discussing them all as well as what Bachelor Nation thought. 

We’re back this week with another drama-filled episode of The Bachelorette, this time in the land of ten thousand lakes. Last week, fans felt for Michelle when she was ignored on her group date, and hated on Chris S. when he claimed the men did not treat Michelle right. Let’s see what happened this week!

1) One-on-one:

For the first one-on-one this week, Michelle chose to spend the day with Joe, a fellow Minnesotan. To start off the date, they went to a Twins game, where Michelle threw the first pitch, and after, Michelle took Joe to her alma mater, Woodbury High School. After looking through her yearbook and checking out her locker, Michelle took Joe to the gym for a game of basketball, obviously. If you’ve watched any episode this season, you know that basketball was a huge part of both Michelle and Joe’s lives; As Joe won the title of “Mr. Basketball” in high school and Michelle was runner up for “Ms. Basketball,” some may call this scrimmage fate. That night at dinner, Joe opened up about a traumatic period in his life. Although it has become fairly routine for the men to open up about a traumatic event at this stage in the show, we should give it up for Joe, whose leg injury complications resulting in struggles with mental health brought both him and Michelle to tears. Although some fans resent Joe for ghosting Michelle over DMs, it is clear that the two have a connection, and for Joe, the night ended with a rose.

2) Group date:

For this week’s group date, nine men met Michelle at U.S. Bank Stadium, where the Minnesota Vikings play. While the testosterone-filled men were pumped to meet some NFL players, out came men dressed as real Vikings, horned hats and all. For the date, the men participated in various Viking challenges, throwing logs, arm wrestling, yelling, and eating pretty obscure food like Nordic fermented herring. At the end of the competitions, Clayton was named the date’s winner. As it is widely suspected that Clayton will be the next Bachelor, fans are waiting for him to stand out from the crowd. Did his Viking performance, known by an extremely loud yell, count? Debatable. Throughout the date, Chris S becomes unhinged, complaining that Michelle is not showing him enough attention… *eye roll.*

3) One-on-one:

For the second one-on-one, Michelle choose her first impression rose recipient Nayte. During the day, Michelle brought Nayte on a pontoon across Lake Minnetonka. She broke the unfortunate news that the day will actually be a group date, and then brings out two of her besties. Michelle’s smiley friends warmed up to Nayte very quickly, stating that Michelle seems extremely comfortable with him, and noticing that the way they look at each other is special. Overall, in one word, I would describe the date as “chill,” but don’t you fret, the drama is coming. While Michelle and Nayte are at dinner, we flash to Chris S. ranting to Martin. Again, Chris is angry because he felt that he defended Michelle the prior week, and this week, she isn’t showing him any attention. Martin tells Chris to be careful, so perhaps we have the producers to thank for the ensuing events. Chris decides his worries are of extreme importance, so he takes to the streets of Minneapolis and crashes Michelle’s #NayteDate. Chris tells Michelle he has to talk to her about an urgent matter, leaving Nayte with hilarious facial expressions shared by the Bachelor Nation viewers. Chris goes on to tell Michelle that she is not showing him enough attention, leaving her aggravated. Like the queen she is, Michelle tells Chris that last week he spoke for her, rather than listened to her and that this week, he was moping around on the group date. When Chris replies that this was due to Michelle’s actions, she decides not to engage, telling Chris that she does not see a relationship with him and walking him out; period. Nayte fans, aka the entire internet, finally got to see the Nayte v. Chris S battle, and it played out like a fantasy. At the end of the night, Nayte receives a rose.

Rose ceremony:

At this week’s rose ceremony, Michelle looked absolutely stunning in a tight bronze dress. At the beginning of the night, Michelle spent special time with some of the men, giving Brandon J. a birthday cake, and taking Rodney to see the great Minneapolis skyline. Later, we see a conversation with Martin, where he channels the energy of a car crash that we cannot look away from. After sharing his anxieties, comparing his relationship with Michelle to those of the other men, Martin moves into telling Michelle that he enjoys how low maintenance she is- an attempted compliment. When Martin tells her that Miami females are so high maintenance, Michelle further engages, asking him what makes a woman high maintenance over a man. Suspenseful music crescendos, cueing those sensitive to awkwardness to avert their eyes and ears. Martin replies, and I quote, “cause, like, usually a man doesn’t go into, like, a relationship saying, “Hey, you’re gonna take care of me.”” Michelle laughs to display her discomfort, showing the audience that she is, as the kids would say, “sused out.” Cut to an interview with Martin, he says that he chose to have a “more serious conversation” with Michelle, but thinks there was some miscommunication… on HER end. Although Martin receives a rose at the end of the night, Olu mentions that he is two-faced, acting one way to the men and one way to Michelle.

With Chris S. gone, will Martin be the next source of the spicy drama we ever so crave? Watch Michelle’s season of The Bachelorette on ABC next Tuesday at 8/7c to find out!

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