Ten Artists Going on Tour This Spring!

Some of our favorite artists are making their return to the stage and we couldn’t be more excited. Here are ten upcoming tours you can look forward to!

Over the past few months, live music has made its comeback––of course, this had some limits. Masked concert halls allowed for some fans to slowly come back to appreciating their favorite artists in person, but many larger events were postponed to be conscientious of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But this spring and summer, many classic and rising artists are making their return to the stage after nearly two years. Here are seven artists going on tour this spring and summer to look forward to.

Olivia Rodrigo

The 18-year-old seven-time Grammy nominee and Disney star hits the road for the first time ever for the SOUR tour beginning this spring. The pop-punk songstress is rumored to have begun writing her second album, and is also set to perform at the 2022 Grammy awards. Opening acts on this tour include Gracie Abrams and Holly Humnberstone. If you didn’t score tickets to a sold out show, her new film about the making of SOUR–driving home 2 u is now on Disney+.


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Lorde is back from her touring hiatus for her latest album, Solar Power. The album’s light and airy sound paired with lyrics about growing into yourself and the bittersweet reflections of youth were a stark contrast to her earlier work, but it was just what fans needed after a challenging two years. Lorde recently dropped a sweet music video for her song “Secrets from a Girl (Who’s Seen It All)” from the album, in which she dances with past versions of herself on a sandy beach.

Paul McCartney

The iconic former Beatle is back on the road at last. It’s been an interesting year for McCartney–his most recent album release, McCartney III Reimagined, was composed of modern artists covering some of his classic tracks. Among the featured musicians were Dominic Fike, Phoebe Bridgers, and Anderson Paak. McCartney will hit numerous famous venues, including Boston’s Fenway Park.


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Rex Orange County

The indie pop singer is back on tour for his first album in three years: Who Cares? The upbeat album is rife with indie bangers, and even features a collaboration with rapper Tyler the Creator. The tour has already begun for this spring, with one of the starting venues being Blue Note Jazz Club in New York City. Rex is heading to Europe for now, but will be back in North America by May.


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Tom Odell

The heartfelt English songwriter has begun his tour for his latest album, monsters. While he’s been releasing music for about a decade, he most recently achieved international success with his smash hit “Another Love”, because to no one’s surprise, it went viral on TikTok. Initially, it began as a soundtrack to many TikTok user’s videos about heartbreak, or as the score of a favorite break up scene from films and TV shows. But in a surprising turn of events, it has become an anthem uniting the people of Ukraine amid Russian invasion. Since the song went viral, Odell has traveled to Romania to perform for refugees, and raised money with several charity organizations for civilians. This is an up-and-coming tour you won’t want to miss.


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This surf rock indie-pop fusion band is also back on tour, following the release of three recent singles and their 2021 EP “Remote.” The band, led by actor Dylan Minette (who you may recognize from 13 Reasons Why), is making their way across North America this spring, and heading to Europe late this summer. They’ll also be performing at several festivals, including Coachella and Lollapalooza. Their energized sound always feels like a main character’s movie soundtrack, and any of their singles could quickly become a contender for indie’s song of the summer.


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Tyler the Creator

This unique alternative rapper will tour North America throughout this spring in support of his 2021 album Call Me if You Get Lost. He’s collaborated with a wide array of artists recently, from Lil Wayne to Brent Faiyaz, Pharrell Williams, and Rex Orange County. He’s known for his high energy performances and personality on stage, so his tour is a great way to start the spring.


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Phoebe Bridgers

The indie rock singer-songwriter returns to touring this summer. Phoebe Bridgers hasn’t released an album since her 2021 Punisher, full of poetic lyrics on topics ranging from her musical idol to her relationship with her father and growing up. Bridgers has collaborated with huge names in music as of late–including Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift, on their tracks “Seize the Day” and “Nothing New.” You may recognize the indie rock banger “Motion Sickness” from the recent TikTok trend it spurred, which had many celebrities reflecting on hard times in their lives that they worked through, making their past selves proud.


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Big Time Rush

That’s right, the boys are back. The once charming young teens who graced our screens on their hit Nickelodeon show in the 2010s are all grown up and reunited for a tour this summer. It’s music to many older Gen Z’ers ears. Our middle school favorites will be coming to a city near you with TikToker Dixie D’Amelio as their opener.


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Jack Antonoff will be back touring this spring under his solo project, Bleachers. When he isn’t producing pop hits with the likes of Taylor Swift, Lorde, Lana Del Ray, and more, he makes plenty of his own bouncing indie pop tracks. You may recognize a lot of his solo work from the soundtrack of Love Simon back in 2018, but his recent album, Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night, features an even more unique blend of genres. This takes us back to his New Jersey roots–even with a collaboration from New Jersey legend Bruce Springsteen. This much anticipated tour has already begun along the East Coast of the U.S., so keep an eye out for a stop in your city soon.


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Looks like we’ll have plenty of great options for concerts this summer–and from every genre imaginable. From festivals to smaller venues, our favorite artists are certainly in demand this season.

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