‘Teen Wolf: The Movie’ Best Fan Reactions!

Reactions have been seen all across social media about the return of our favorite sci-fi fantasy TV show turned into a movie. Here are the top tweets about Teen Wolf: The Movie! 

Teen Wolf is back everybody, and this time we get to see our favorite wolf 15 years later as an adult! The anticipated Teen Wolf: The Movie is one that many have been waiting to feast their eyes on ever since it was announced that the cast would be reuniting to film one last project reprising their beloved onscreen characters. The film premiered on January 26, 2022, on Paramount+ in association with their original network, MTV, among other studios. With the release of the film came many fan reactions; here are our top 10 favorites!

***Spoilers for Teen Wolf: The Movie Ahead***

Gotta Use Those Wolf Instincts

As a wolf, you have got to use your abilities for good, and this is exactly what Peter Hale does. You can’t stop an artist at work, and this is exactly what a wolf’s got to do. Wolfing is part of the job, Even if it means getting down on all fours and staking out some clues.

The Coach is Back!

Our favorite and funny coach is back, and he is certainly not taking it easy on the new Beacon High lacrosse team. He is definitely a legend in our books, Typical Coach, aren’t we right?

Time Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

It is known that with time the heart grows fonder, and so do many friendships. We got to see the evolution of friendships within the movie and through many great moments, like the growth of Scott and Lydia’s friendship.

Mixed Emotions

It is without question many fans were left speechless, excited, and rattled after watching Teen Wolf: The Movie. One thing is for sure, it was a rollercoaster of emotions.

Once a Hale, Always a Hale!

Derek Hale is one of our favorite integral characters in the tv show and movie. He definitely does make us feel at home with his presence.

A New Wolf

The Teen Wolf film introduced a new member of the pack, Eli Hale. Son of Derek Hale and the main character in the spinoff series Wolf Pack on Paramount+. This tweet definitely showcases what Derek Hale was expressing throughout the film.

It Feels So Good To Be Home!

One last time in Beacon Hills! So much has changed, and we are so glad we got to visit again!

A New Fan Favorite

A trip down memory lane filled with many nostalgic moments and TV show parallels is what this film was to many. It is undeniable how this film made many feel after so long!

Fans Left Swooning

Peter Hale’s return left many fans swooning with his time on the big screen!

Scott McCall is Back!

Our Teen Wolf is back, and he is better than ever! Our favorite True Alpha, Scott McCall, had everyone beyond thrilled to see his familiar face along with the other cast members on screen. Some fans are clearly very excited about his return to Beacon Hills.

What did you think of Teen Wolf: The Movie?

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