Taylor Swift Surprises Fans W/ Her New Release Of ‘Folklore’ Chapters

Taylor Swift continues to play with fan’s emotions in her themed chapters off of ‘folklore’.

On August 20, nearly a month after she snapped the world’s heartstrings in two with her shock-release of album folklore, Taylor Swift revealed a new facet in this ever-evolving era of her music.

“In my head, the songs on folklore fit together in different groups and ‘chapters’ – based on how they fit together thematically. I want to share the first one today.” The singer revealed on twitter, dropping the first themed release: The Escapism Chapter

The release brings whispers of running away to start a new life, inspiring reinvention and reimagining, it’s delicate and bittersweet and all the carefully curated songs play off each other in heartsick harmony.

Only a few days later, giving us hardly any time to recover, Swift released the next themed release: The Sleepless Nights Chapter.

A compilation of the most sullen lullabies off the album, The Sleepless Nights Chapter will have listeners tossing and turning with its subtle tonal shifts from feelings of abandonment to avengement.

Three days later, the third and (seemingly final) theme of folklore was released: The Saltbox House Chapter.

It heals all the sadness brought on by a listen to the first two chapters. The Saltbox House chapter sounds solely like a summer highlights reel, like sunsets and adolescence and the sense of living forever, much like Swift’s great work will.

Who knows if Swift has more themed releases in store for us in the near future, or what the spontaneous singer might think of giving us next, but I know I personally can’t wait to see!

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