Tasya Teles Explains How New Hulu Comedy Series ‘Shoresy’ Is Changing The Game “This Is A Show That Takes Risks”

The Letterkenny universe is expanding with a new spin-off on Hulu called Shoresy. Tasya Teles explains what makes the comedy stand out, and if she would be interested in being a part of a The 100 spin-off.

It’s rare when a spin-off series lives up to the original, but a new comedy on Hulu called Shoresy does just that.

A spin-off of the popular series Letterkenny, the show follows Shoresy as he moves to Sudbury, Canada, to take a role with a struggling ice hockey team called the Sudbury Bulldogs.

Tasya Teles, who plays Nat talked with Benny Adams on Let’s Binge About It about why this series is a standout and what it was like going from a darker role on The 100 to a comedic role in a new series.

Tasya’s character Nat is the general manager of the Sudbury Bulldogs, and her main goal is to get the players to stay focused and win, but that’s easier said than done because the team is not doing so well on the ice.

Though hockey is a big part of the series, viewers don’t need to know about the sport to watch the show.


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“The beauty of the show is the comedic timing… It’s the comedy of the show that’s attractive. We have this theme that’s a team and hockey that carries us through the show. You don’t need to know hockey or sports to enjoy the show.” Said Teles

Shoresy’s Predecessor Letterkenny has been running for ten seasons and has received wide acclaim throughout the years, and it looks like the Freshman series is following in those same footsteps. Since its debut, the series has gotten rave reviews, even scoring a 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Before joining the show, Tasya said she was a fan of Letterkenny and hoped for the same success.

“I watched Letterkenny, and I was a huge fan of the show. They just did a tour across the U.S. when they finished the tour Edward Norton and Brad Pitt showed up because they are huge fans of the series. I remember when they told me this they showed me a photo and I was like oh my gosh I hope that Shoresy gets to do a tour around the states and we meet Brad Pitt and Edward Norton because that would be amazing.” Said Teles.


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Along with appearing on Prison Break and Travelers before Tasya got the role of Nat she starred in The 100 as the popular character Echo. While she was nervous about playing a character in a completely different genre she took a leap of faith and went all in.

“I was nervous about moving into comedy and what it was going to be like on set. So we all used to rehearse together nonstop. We took over this hotel in Ontario, and we would run the scenes. We were laughing so much in the hotel rooms when we got to set we would just stand there and see whose going to crack first.” Explained Tasya. She also said two actors, in particular, gave her a tough time when it came to keeping a straight face. “Jared Keeso, who plays Shoresy is an absolute joy to watch, and also Ryan McDonnell, who plays Coach Michael… I couldn’t even stand in the same room as him because if I looked at him I would immediately start cracking up.”


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Not only does Shoresy recapture the magic of Letterkenny, but the series is also not afraid to tackle important topics going on in today’s society.

“This is a show that takes risks with its joke making because, in this universe that they created with Letterkenny and Shoresy no one is safe and everybody gets chirped at… Through the comedy they talk about real issues where viewers will see real stories of real hockey players.” Explained Teles. “We have people who played for the NHL, and there’s a real clip from one of the hockey players beating up somebody for calling him and his parents the N-word while he was playing on the ice. So it’s not just about comedy, it’s about so many other things that are happening today in this world that we need to talk about.”

With season one under her belt, Tasya has found her love for comedy and would love to continue in the genre.

“I’m getting more into the genre I’m starting to admire comedians and the courage they have for speaking about tough things, and we need it through that filter which I think makes it easier to digest. So I’m getting curious about comedy and studying comedy and going further in that direction.”

But don’t think Tasya is done with the darker roles. The actor said she is on board if she is ever approached to reprise her role as Echo from The 100 if the series ever gets a revival or a spin-off.

“Playing Echo was one of the greatest joys of my life, and I had such a wicked time on that set. The cast was amazing and the story was just so raw, gruesome, and edgy. I love that show so much and I’m proud of what we did.”

Catch the full interview with Taysa Teles below. Shoresy season one is available to stream right now on Hulu.

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