Swifties React to Right Where You Left Me and It’s Time to Go

Taylor Swift just dropped two new tracks! Here’s what fans are saying about the deluxe version of Evermore.

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Posted On: January 12th, 2020 6:21 pm pst

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It’s a bittersweet time for Taylor Swift fans right now. On the positive side, the singer released two new songs for the deluxe edition of her ninth studio record Evermore. However, this officially marks the end of the Evermore album cycle. 2020 has been an impressive year for Taylor as she not only works on re-recording her masters, but also the release of the highly acclaimed Evermore and Folklore. Similar to the strategy Swift took with Folklore, not all the songs made for the album are included in the initial distribution. Fans know that the deluxe tracks are sometimes the ones the most worth waiting for. New Romantics, If This Was a Movie, and The Lakes are among the more popular deluxe tracks from previous albums. 

The two deluxe releases for Evermore, Right Where you Left Me and It’s Time to Go, very much fit the album’s theme of longing for a lost love. This love can be mourned in all forms from friendship conveyed in track number eight Dorthea to family like in Marjorie (a tribute to Swift’s real life grandmother). Despite the fact that musically the two songs are very similar, the lyrics couldn’t be more wildly different. Eagle eyed fans noticed that the tracks offer two perspectives on the same situation. Right Where you Left Me is about dwelling on the past and everything you’ve lost while It’s Time to Go acknowledges the pain, but is about the choice to move on. The fan said that since Swift ended the album with It’s Time to Go she is encouraging herself and listeners to let go. 

Both tracks hit a chord with people all over social media with the songs launching to the top of the iTunes charts and many expressing their feelings on Twitter. In particular, there was a ton of praise for Swift’s lyrical skills, which come back in full force in these tracks. Regardless of relationship status, everyone can find themselves relating to the themes of the songs. Many have noted that the lyrics could pertain to the loss of a close friendship as opposed to a relationship. 



An account called Evermore Lyrics Bot has gained an immense amount of popularity for creating Tweets of just lyrics from the album. The account has gained nearly sixty thousand followers since the release of Evermore in December. When Taylor dropped the two new songs, the account was quick to bring attention to the lyrics through their tweets. 

As we say goodbye to the Evermore era, we can only wonder what Taylor will do next after this insanely busy year. Will she wander deeper into the woods for TS10 or stay focused on recreating her masters? Recently, the singer was seen taking it easy with her longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn and his mom in London. Taylor has implied before that she moved to the U.K. in order to be closer to Joe and his family. Fans were happy to know that the couple are still going strong. 

We know that Taylor has earned herself a nice long rest.


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