Survivor: Caramoan S:26 | There’s Gonna Be Hell To Pay E:3 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – Survivor: Caramoan edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CBS’s Survivor. In this episode, host AJ Gibson breaks down the “There’s Gonna Be Hell To Pay” episode in which Tensions were high at the Gota camp after Tribal Council as neither Reynold nor Shamar were happy about how the voting went. Shamar was unhappy with his standing in the game and considered quitting, but decided against it due to the loyalty his alliance showed him. Over at Bikal, Corinne and Malcolm went looking for the Hidden Immunity Idol and found it. The combined Reward/Immunity Challenge was a closely fought contest won by the Favorites. Worried that her poor performance during the challenge would put a target on her back, Laura suggested to her alliance that they split the vote between Eddie and Hope to flush the Hidden Immunity Idol. This would force a three-way tied vote between Eddie, Hope, and Shamar, and the alliance would then vote out Hope during the revote. Shamar hinted to Hope that she should vote for Eddie and save herself, but she went to Julia instead and told her that Shamar had revealed the alliance’s plans. Again concerned about being voted out, Laura told Reynold that she could secure Julia’s vote and vote out Shamar. But when the vote came at Tribal Council, the alliance of six stuck to their original plan, resulting in a three-way tie before eventually voting out Hope with a re-vote of 5–1–0. There to help AJ are co-hosts Justin Walter, Ryan Allen Carrillo, and Survivor legend Jerri Manthey. Also, there to help is special call-in guest Sandra Diaz-Twine (2x Survivor Winner). It’s Survivor: Caramoan’s “There’s Gonna Be Hell To Pay” podcast!

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