Surprises & New Fan Favorites: Social Media Reacts to ‘Love is Blind’ Reunion!

While Netflix was nearly an hour late in starting the live-streaming of the Season 4 Love is Blind reunion, the fans did not delay with their reactions!

After a drama-filled season consisting of 6 couples and 3 love triangles, fans finally received the juicy updates they’ve been waiting for. This season produced 3 beautiful married couples, and Brett and Tiffany were the obvious fan favorites throughout the season.

Many fans were also swooned by how happily in love the other two couples, Bliss and Zack, and Chelsea and Kwame, looked at the reunion.

Twitter users praised Zack and Bliss for how candidly and respectfully they handled the discussion around negative situations they encountered during the season and how well they supported each other during the reunion.

Throughout the season, Kwame was in the hot seat when it came to the Micah situation, but fans recognized the growth in his new relationship and love him even more for it.

Jackie and Josh, who are now dating, did not attend the reunion, but they still made a virtual appearance with a short playback interview conducted by host Vanessa Lachay. While Marshall kept his comments brief on the situation, the fans were obsessed with his responses all the way down to his animated facial expressions.

Overall, Twitter had a lot to say about the reunion, and the reviews were mixed! However, the unanimous highlight of the night was that everyone loved all the married couples!

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