Successful Sagittarius in the Entertainment Industry!

It is officially Sagittarius season! Sagittariuses are most commonly known for being loyal, assertive, and having a compassionate personality. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Sagittarius in the entertainment industry!

#1 Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is our first successful Sagittarius. Her birthday is December 13th, and she will be turning 32. Swift has been making music for 15 years now and holds 10 Grammy Awards. Recently, she became the first person ever to reach number one on the Billboard charts for a 10-minute song. Taylor Swift is in the process of re-recording all of her albums and producing them as “Taylor’s Version,” make sure you go give them a listen! 

#2 Trey Songz

Trey Songz recently celebrated his 37th birthday on November 28. Songz has produced many pop 2000’s songs such as “Mr. Steal your girl,” “Bottoms Up,” and “Na Na.” Trey Songz has also been in a couple of films, such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D, Baggage Claim, and Tremaine the Playboy. 

#3 Nicki Minaj

That’s right, the Queen of Rap is a Sagittarius! Nicki Minaj is one of the most iconic female rappers in the entertainment industry. She has produced over 10 albums and won over 175 awards. Nicki Minaj will be 39 on December 8th!

#4 Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has a birthday on December 18th, which will make him 58 years old this year. In his 57, almost 58, years of being alive he has taken home an Academy Award, Golden Globe, MTV Movie Award, and several others. His most recent films are Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Fury, and Twelve Years a Slave.

#5 Miley Cyrus 

Perhaps one of our favorite former Disney Stars and current Pop Rock artist, Miley Cyrus, turned 29 on November 23rd this year. She released her most recent album “Plastic Hearts,” in 2020, with song features such as Dua Lipa, Billy Idol, and Stevie Nicks. 

#6 Dj Khaled 

Speaking of Sagittarius here’s ‘another one.’ Dj Khaled is a Dj, record executive, and record producer. Khaled had his first Grammy win in 2019 for “Best Rap/Sung Performance.” Khaled turned 46 on November 26th.

#7 Scarlett Johansson 

Scarlett Johansson had a birthday on November 22nd making her now 37 years old. Johansson has won several awards for her role in popular films, these awards include but are not limited to a Tony, People’s Choice Award, an MTV Movie Award, and an Academy Award. Johansson is the first actor to produce a Marvel Studios Project with Black Widow.

#8 Ben Stiller 

Last, But certainly not least, Ben Stiller. Stiller has been in some of the most iconic films such as Meet The Parents, Night at The Museum, Heartbreak Kid, and Dodgeball. Outside of films, Stiller is a comedian, producer, and screenwriter. Ben Stiller celebrated his 56th birthday on November 30th.

That’s a wrap for 8 of the many successful Sagittarius celebrities in the entertainment industry! Sagittarius season is from November 21-December 21! 

About the Author

Anna Meyer

Anna Meyer is a Broadcast Journalism major at Pennsylvania State University and an intern at the positive entertainment news site AfterBuzz TV. She is very passionate about anything entertainment, especially films,  and hopes to one day have a career in the entertainment industry.