Soul Eater S:1 Episodes 1-4 Review

Our hosts, Kari Lane, Veronica Valencia, Jaimie Gray and Ollie Drennan dive into the first 4 episodes of “Soul Eater”. This world is crazy and full of strange/fun characters! The first few episodes are more of an introduction but already the panel loves Maka, not so sure about Blackstar and mixed opinions about Death the Kid. The weapons and fights are super cool and they can’t wait to see more!

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The Soul Eater After Show:

The series revolves around three teams, each consisting of a weapon meister and weapon that can transform into a humanoid.. Join us on our SOUL EATER AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW as we recap it all! Tune in here for reviews, recaps and in-depth discussions of the latest episodes, as well as the insider scoop from cast and crew members on the show.

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