Social Media’s Favorite Commercials From the 2023 Super Bowl!

Companies always bring out all the stops when it comes to their Super Bowl promotions, and we’ve rounded up some of social media’s favorite commercials from this year’s big game!

Super Bowl ad spots this year were seven million dollars for thirty seconds. With such a high cost and the attention of so many viewers, companies brought their A-game to create commercials that viewers will remember for years to come.

Even before the Super Bowl aired, social media was hyped for Alicia Silverstone’s return as Cher in a Super Bowl commercial for Rakuten. She didn’t disappoint, recreating iconic Clueless moments that had Twitter users freaking out.

Google Pixel had a star-studded ad highlighting the magic eraser tool on their phones. Amy Schumer jokes about erasing her exes and Giannis Antetokounmpo fixes a basketball dunk with a sarcastic line to the press.

Boston native Ben Affleck starred in an ad for Dunkin Donuts that had fans of the coffee chain excited, especially when his wife Jennifer Lopez busts him at the drive-through window.

Leading up to the Super Bowl, PopCorners teased a Breaking Bad reunion in their commercial which lived up to the hype. Fans of the show were both excited to see it air, and sad that this is potentially the last new Breaking Bad content they will get.

Twitter loved Bud Light’s commercial with Miles Teller and his wife Keleigh Sperry dancing to hold music while enjoying a can of beer. The best part of the commercial was hands down the inclusion of their dog Bugsy.

Avocados From Mexico’s clever commercial featured Ana Faris as Eve from the Garden of Eden with Avocados replacing the forbidden fruit and creating a better world. Social media went crazy for this commercial, especially since everyone in it wasn’t wearing clothes.

Canadian Royal had an ad starring Dave Grohl highlighting all the things Canada has produced for the world, including Martin Short, egg cartons, and football. Fans on Twitter added what they wanted to thank Canada for.

Tubi’s hilarious commercial had many people getting yelled at for sitting on the remote. The ad, which fools the viewer into thinking the channel is getting changed, definitely caught the attention of many viewers who took to social media to share how the joke caused chaos.

T-Mobile had multiple ads air during the Super Bowl, the first of which featured Bradley Cooper and his mom joking around in a heartwarming bloopers-style scene was almost entirely improvised.

Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart starred in Skechers commercials that were both silly and fun. Fans on Twitter were definitley excited to see their faves in Super Bowl ads.

The best Super Bowl commercial might just have to go to half time singer Rihanna who promoted her makeup line Fenty by checking her makeup halfway through her performance of hits.

Super Bowl commercials seem to get better every year and people will definitely be talking about some of this year’s best commercials for many years to come.

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