Social Media’s Fan-Casts for James Gunn’s new Superman!

Twitter has been buzzing with dream casts for James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy, and we’ve rounded up some of the most popular actors fans want to see in the Man of Steel role!

With Superman: Legacy coming out July 11, 2025, the pressure is on for the cast to be announced at San Diego Comic-Con this year. Recent casting rumors surrounding director James Gunn and his plans have been running rampant on social media this week. There have been so many social media fan-casts for Superman, and we’ve rounded up the most prominent ones here.

Michael B. Jordan

In 2021 there were rumors about Michael B. Jordan working on a Val-Zod Black Superman project for HBO Max. While there haven’t been any updates about that content, fans are hoping that perhaps Michael will be on screen in the upcoming Superman film, even if he’s not playing Kal-El.

Jacob Elordi

Ridiculously tall and equally handsome, Jacob Elordi is hugely popular among younger superhero fans who have seen him on screen as a heartthrob in rom-coms like The Kissing Booth. Built like a superhero in real life, fans think the actor is dynamic enough to play the commanding Superman while also handling the shy side of Kal-El.

Hrithik Roshan

Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan will probably never cross the pond into American films, but that doesn’t stop all his fans from taking to Twitter to talk about how perfect he would be in the role of Superman. Fans of his work in the Bollywood sci-fi superhero movie Krrish also starring Priyanka Chopra Jonas think his charisma will easily translate to DC’s leading man.

Wolfgang Novogratz

Cute and charismatic Wolfgang Novogratz is a fan favorite to play Superman because of his other work as a helpful and earnest nice guy. No one can argue with his adorable dimples and curly hair; it’s almost like he was born to be Superman.

D.J. Cotrona

Before his role in Shazam: Fury of the Gods, D.J. Cotrona was supposed to play Superman in George Miller’s slashed Justice League: Mortal film in the 2000s that was given to Zach Snyder’s DC-verse. Fans who loved the casting are hoping that he gets a second chance with the newest reboot.

Hopefully, James Gunn’s lists for potential Supermans include some of these beloved fancasts. San Diego Comic-Con and a potential announcement for the Superman: Legacy cast is going to be late in July.

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