Social Media’s Best Guesses for Harry Styles’ Next Coachella Guest!

Fans speculate stars like Stevie Nicks or Niall Horan will make a cameo with Harry Styles in the California desert this weekend!

The first weekend of Coachella was certainly one for the books. Starting fresh off the American leg of his Love on Tour, Harry Styles headlined the festival for the first time and did not disappoint. From stepping out in a faux feather coat and sparkly jumpsuit to premiering two new songs off of his upcoming album Harry’s House, Coachella spectators and fans alike were left in awe: most exciting, though, might’ve been Harry’s special guest, Shania Twain.

Shania and Harry performed two numbers together — “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” and “You’re Still the One.” This special cameo was certainly not completely out of left field (Harry has previously covered “You’re Still the One”), but it was still unexpected, to say the very least.

With weekend two of Coachella swiftly approaching, fans are dying to know who will join Harry onstage next. The internet, as always, has had plenty of ideas as to who will be appearing out of that trap door this weekend. Here are some of AfterBuzz’s favorite (and possibly correct) guesses as to who will be Harry’s guest this weekend!

Elton John

While Elton and Harry have no previous collaborations, this isn’t a bad guess — they have the same eccentric flair and similar senses of style. Harry even dressed as Elton for Halloween once! Elton is still on his tour but doesn’t have a show scheduled for Friday the 22nd.

Mick Fleetwood

While Mick and Harry have no pre-existing musical collaborations, Mick is the current face of Harry’s beauty line Pleasing, so this might not be totally off. Coachella would be right up Mick’s alley, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see him this weekend. Fun fact: the two actually met at a One Direction concert years back.


Harry and Lizzo have been friends for quite some time following Harry’s cover of “Juice” in the BBC Live Lounge a few years back. The two have performed together since and are good pals offstage, so it wouldn’t surprise anyone if the famous pair “blamed it on the juice” this Friday at Coachella.

Stevie Nicks

Stevie & Harry have performed together before and seem to have a friendship outside of their music. Stevie even once referred to Fine Line as Harry’s Rumors and said Harry was “the son she never had.” We’d love to see this duo together onstage again!

Niall Horan

We can only hope a potential (partial) One Direction could happen this Friday. Harry and Niall have publicly maintained their friendship since One Direction’s split and are both pretty active in the music scene — could we be seeing ⅖ (or more!) of 1D this weekend?

Who do you think will be joining Harry on stage at Coachella this weekend? Tell us on Twitter @AfterBuzzTV!

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