Social Media Reacts to ‘The Ultimatum’!

Netflix’s latest reality TV show, The Ultimatum has quite a twist and is filled with drama. Here is social media’s reaction to the new reality show. 

If you thought that we had enough reality tv shows, you were wrong. Netflix’s The Ultimatum surpasses all standards.

Six couples join the show in hopes of fixing their relationship problems. One person wants to get married and files an ultimatum. Throughout the series, the couples split up and date other people. The point of the show is to see if they want to get married to their original partner or if they will move on. Hence their slogan, “marry or move on”.

Before you read what social media has to say, there are a few spoilers below!

We’ll start off with one thing we can all agree on, the show is messy but addicting.

Somehow, we can’t get enough of it.

The trickiest part of the show is to watch your partner date other people. Especially for those who chose to file the ultimatum.

The Ultimatum is another experiment designed by Love Is Blind creators, Nick and Vanessa Lachey. In the show’s first episode, they revealed that Vanessa gave Nick an ultimatum before they chose to get married.

Even though the show is a bit messy, Nick and Vanessa are trying to help these couples figure their relationships out. However, social media had mixed feelings about the show’s contestants.

While opinions on the show’s couples were mixed, everybody had something to say about Madelyn and Colby. The two did not seem like a stable couple at any point during the show. Despite this, Madelyn walked into the reunion seven months pregnant with a baby girl.

Another couple that left everyone confused was Nate and Lauren. The two got engaged without actually solving their biggest problem. Lauren did not want kids but Nate did. Despite this, they chose to get engaged before choosing their new partners. Even Vanessa Lachey was thrown off after this somewhat impulsive engagement.

Social media had a fan favorite, Shanique. Fans praised her for her looks.

Jake, not so much.

The show’s reunion left us all with many questions, but somehow we want more!

What did you think of the show?

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