Social Media reacts to The Bachelor Finale!

Every Bachelor fan has heard the words “the most dramatic season finale yet.” Sometimes it’s not true, but this year it definitely lived up to the hype! Here is what social media had to say about the two part season finale!

To say that Clayton Echard has had a rocky journey as the Bachelor is an understatement. His entire season has been notorious for drama! The first few weeks, the conflict was mainly in the house, but towards the end of the season he brought drama upon himself.

For fantasy suite week, Clayton traveled to Iceland with the final three women; Susie Evans, Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey. His first two overnight dates went smoothly with Rachel and Gabby. However, things took a turn after Susie told Clayton that she couldn’t be with him if he had been intimate with the two other women. After a heated discussion, the two break up.

Then came what host Jesse Palmer called “the rose ceremony from hell”. Clayton confessed that he had slept and loved both of the women. After shedding plenty of tears, both Rachel and Gabby chose to forgive him and stay.

The next day, the two women met Clayton’s parents. At this point, Clayton was extremely heartbroken and confused. He asked Susie to meet up with him, and she showed up to talk. Despite having no certainty with his relationship with Susie, he decides to break up with the other two women collectively.

First, he talked to Gabby. She did not hesitate to call Clayton out on everything he had done wrong.

Not only did she confront him, but she also rejected for him to walk her out.

Then, he talked to Rachel. Rachel was heartbroken, but Clayton didn’t shed a single tear. Even though she didn’t confront him in Iceland, she absolutely killed it last night. Bachelor Nation got to see a totally different side of Rachel when she called Clayton out.

Bachelor Nation was not happy with his actions or with his response to the women.

After all the drama, how did Clayton end up?

In summary, Clayton asked Susie for another chance, but she rejected him. The two left Iceland alone, but that was not the end of their love story. During last night’s live show, he revealed that they rekindled things after the show ended.

After such a bumpy road, Clayton Echard got his happy ending after all. However, social media isn’t happy that these two are together. Both Clayton and Susie are facing a lot of backlash because of how things unfolded.

Last night, Clayton posted a picture of the two on his Instagram.


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After so much drama, Bachelor Nation did get good news after all! Both Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey will be the next Bachelorettes!

The Bachelor franchise has not revealed how this will work, but Bachelor Nation is very happy with the news. Clayton Echard’s time is over, and people are ready to see Rachel and Gabby get their happy endings.

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