Social Media reacts to Love Is Blind Season 2!

Love is Blind season 2 is out and fans have a lot to say! Here is what social media thought of the first episodes.

Netflix’s Love is Blind season 2 premiered on February 11th releasing the season’s first five episodes. Even though we still don’t know who is getting their happily ever after, social media has many opinions about the contestants.

Here is a roundup of what social media had to say of the show’s second season.

Anyone who watched the first few episodes definitely has an opinion about Shayna and Twitter was no exception.

Some have compared her to Jessica Batten from season 1.

Nothing beats Shayne’s little “mix-up” in the pods.

Some fans are very disappointed with the show’s recent season. Twitter users questioned if there will be a love story as strong as Lauren and Cameron from season 1.

Other fans have made fun of how despite dating through pods, physical aspects have still played a role in the contestant’s love stories.

Despite some disappointment with the first few episodes, fans seem to already have favorites.

Even though social media already has some strong opinions, the season isn’t over and we can’t wait to see what we get from the new episodes!

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